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Nexus Fleet closing shop, Nulli Secunda merger in progress.

March 25, 2014

Nexus Fleet, previously a member of the N3 bloc and the newly formed H.E.R.O. coalition will be departing from H.E.R.O. and joining Nulli Secunda. A corp named Nexus Fleet Inc has been already set up in Nulli Secunda to facilitate the transfer and the transition has begun.  The following is a statement from Nik W, leader of Nexus Fleet. This statement was recorded for internal alliance purposes; this recording be released as soon as it is available.

Greetings Nexus,

As I have said many times in the past, I always strive to do what is best for Nexus as a whole. We are still a relatively young alliance finding our way in an ever changing and harsh universe.

Sometimes an opportunity arises that seems to be one that will keep us moving in a positive direction. We’ve had a rough 6 months, maybe more. Leadership turnover, lost space, lost assets. HERO looked to be a good, fresh start for us. It afforded us a way to establish ourselves, and yet remain friendly to N3 at arms length.

Unfortunately, the leadership turnover we experienced just before HERO formed turned out to be a problem for us. Interacting with a coalition is a very time consuming exercise. You need to have communication and coordination on several levels. This is even more true with a brand new coalition with leadership that is trying to mesh, FCs trying to work together, doctrines being worked out as well as many other things such as logistics, monney, and sov to name but a few.

Our VP group was excited for this opportunity, as it showed great promise. Unfortunately burnout set in quickly with such a small group of us doing so much. To be honest, last Sunday was scary, it was the first time we faced a true threat of a fail cascade. Luckily, when things settled cooler heads prevailed and people realized all was not lost.

We still have friends who are more than happy to lend us a hand while we work things out. In order to fix our issues we need to simplify things for the time being. We need to reduce the burdens where we can, and allow our leadership to go back to basics.

A new corp has been formed, called Nexus Fleet Inc. It will be a member of Nulli Secunda, and all of our members are invited to join it.

Nexus Fleet, the alliance in game, will be held open with not only the intention of returning to it, but it is now our primary goal as a group.

Operating as a corp within an established alliance simplifies many things – we don’t need to worry about a lot of logistics issues. Sov issues are largely spread out. It means more fleets. It means SRP. We can learn from them. We can grow without as much pressure.

It gives us the opportunity to clean out our closets – clear out inactive members, clean up in game roles, and redefine our leadership roles.

Though this decision was a difficult one for me personally, it affords us time to work out our internal struggles, and come out better and stronger on the other side.

In the coming weeks our goals for Nexus will be very clearly defined. We will center our focus on the primary goal of returning to Nexus Fleet as an alliance, with all of the things necessary to run it the way we want. For now the goal is to keep the family together, as having good people is the only thing that ultimately matters.

We will maintain our own TS and Jabber. Our API services will remain a requirement. You will need to reset your APIs again. A mail will go out detailing steps to get in to the new corp. Don’t apply until you get those instructions or your app will be rejected. Our operations will very much continue as is – or rather as they were when we were in N3. We will just be a bit more tightly coupled to Nulli. We will spend more time on their server for alliance and coalition fleets. Our experienced FCs will hopefully run alliance, and perhaps coalition fleets, while our newer FCs will run corp level fleets to gain experience.

I’d like to thank everyone involved for making this possible. That includes our VPs past and present, FCs, and every active member who participates in things that make us who we are. I can tell you Nulli is excited to have us, and I’m grateful to them for allowing us to hold our group together. Our active members are what makes them excited to have us, and I can tell you the voting process was overwhelmingly in favor of wanting us to join.

I’d like to thank the members of HERO for inviting us, and I hope we haven’t let them down.

As I said, a mail will go out shortly with very detailed, explicit and specific instructions for moving to the new corp. You need to follow them or your application will be rejected.

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