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Gajin’s Carrier Event – Onne System

March 24, 2014

You want to have fun and also have the chance at killing a carrier and winning ISK? Well look no further, Gajin Sensei is giving you the chance to do it.

Yesterday in Onne system Gajin set up a PVP special event, get the final blow on the target carrier and win the ISK pot. The event had about 920+ pilot show up to try and win 2.5Bill ISK, Shadow cartel blopsed in a T3 fleet and was able to secure the win. Wex Manchester in his Proteus was the winner.

Here is the video of the event:

Lucky enough for you, on Wednesday March 26th at 20H00 EVE time in Onne you can have a chance at killing his Astero. Winner will get 500mill ISK. The target pilot will be Otterdomer en Distel. No tank on the astero, sounds too easy, right? Well here is the catch he will warp to a custom office between 10 & 30 km and cloak up, he will not move. Your goal is to find him in space, decloak him and kill him. He has mentioned that after a period of time if ne notice that no one is close he will decloak.

The following carrier event will take place in the same system of Onne on Sunday March 30th at 20H00 EVE time. As of this article no amount has been listed. The target pilot will be Its Teh.

If you want to get more information about this even you can join the in-game channel ‘Candlelight Events’. Also you can find him on the forum with upcoming events and more information

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