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Broski North Departs Black Legion

March 24, 2014

Broski North, one of the founding corporations of the second and current incarnation of the renowned Black Legion. departed the alliance in a surprise move at 22:41 GMT on the 23rd of March, joining Love Squad, Space Mafia and THORN Syndicate on the list of corporations which have exited Black Legion so far this year.

According to Ron Mexxico from Broski North, the departure from Black Legion occurred as a result of internal tensions within the alliance in regards to certain decisions made by leadership; in particular, the decision to eject THORN Syndicate from the alliance, which Broski North was allegedly vehemently opposed to during mid-January. This led to rapid disillusionment with the alliance as disputes over doctrines (in particular, the utilisation of Zealots over Legions/Megathron Navy Issues and armor supercapitals rather than the allegedly superior Wyvern) escalated into direct conflicts with leadership from several newer Black Legion corporations; notably the CEO of Boob Heads, Kurator.

A month prior to departure, Broski North as a corporation took a brief hiatus from alliance activity, engaging in smaller-scale PvP in other regions including Syndicate. They quickly discovered that whilst small-scale PvP was far more enjoyable, the Black Legion ticker [MEN.] deterred potential adversaries from engaging or escalating due to the fear of a large-scale capital hotdrop. Broski North as a corporation then recently made the decision to exit the alliance whilst keeping a low profile following a discussion with Elo Knight.

The exit of Broski North appears to impact significantly on the ability of Black Legion’s capital escalation capabilities due to the departure of over 60 capital pilots (including 15 supercapitals), who previously provided the most significant number of Archons, and the second largest dreadnought and supercarrier presence in Black Legion. As for the future of Broski North, there are confirmed reports (according to Ron Mexxico and a Pandemic Legion member, Dirk Action) that Broski North may be entering Pandemic Legion on a trial basis following a 2-week hiatus in Syndicate; failing this, the corporation may be joining the Amarr/Minmatar factional warfare zone alliance Sex Panther. to pursue small gang and limited escalation PvP warfare.