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Riverini for the Council of Stellar Management 9

March 20, 2014

Hey guys, it is that time of the year again and I have decided to once again give it a shot and in the process provide a proper discussion venue for well known but rarely discussed issues. In the coming days I will discuss these points in more detail.

First things first, I am a 30 years creative and art director and founder of EVE News24, here is my CSM pledge:

Riverini for the Council of Stellar Management 9

I have been an avid EVE Online player for over six years. I am mostly known for my role in running the largest dedicated EVE Online news site; EVE News 24. Many of you, whom I might have had the pleasure of flying with will know my passion for this game. With that, as of now I would like to announce my candidacy for CSM. I hope to show all of you my desire to see EVE grow beyond the current state of stagnation. Most importantly- to give back to this community and help it grow for all of us, including you.

EVE Online is a great game, but a game which at the moment needs change; a better focus on unfinished efforts and much needed new features. At the moment a good deal of the development time is spent on making changes to appeal to as many players as possible, regardless of how beneficial these changes could actually be to the game. Something which goes in detriment of more pressing game changes, changes which indeed are big steps that so far CCP Games have neglected to take.

Let me tell you about my platform, which many of my peers have branded as an ambitious one. Yet, I do strongly feel that “ambition” is something which has always been lacking within the Council of Stellar Management.

Here are a few of the points on my platform:

– I will advise on the need for proper and long term conflict drivers, both in lawful (high security space) and in lawless space (low and null security). I feel the current and past CSM members have failed in this regard, and the current state of null warfare is proof of it.

– I believe static resources like moons should deplete and allow for new riches. This would allow new professions to be born as a result of these new dynamics in our ever changing universe.

– I also have experienced first hand the awful state of an aged user experience which plagues (but is not limited to) industrial and corporate management affairs. This is something which affects more players than you can imagine. I will propose creative solutions to this issue – CCP Games is already aware of the need for proper iteration and simply advocating for this won’t change anything as time have proven. This must change!

– Communicate with CCP Games on issues which matter! There has been tons of changes some of which have ranged from superficial to merely cosmetic. There is a long list of forgotten issues which players have delved their hearts and souls into, proposing viable and sound solutions to annoying in game problems.

– Serve as a much needed bridge between CCP Games and a once thriving third party content creation of our community.

– Provide meaningful feedback on the need to reshape the current state of null-sec affairs.

– Contribute greatly and communicate the need for focus toward in-game innovation, on why a clear and proper feature iteration for EVE Online needed.

– Great focus on a “from the ground up” approach of alliance resources income; advocating for an approach which benefits the “grunts first, leadership comes second” mentality.

– Generate a focus on active income sources over passive for alliances – this is something which is only talked about by powerbloc candidates during election time – makes you wonder why?

– Holding large areas of unused SOV should be made something strategically and economically undesirable for any alliance.

– Renting is a reality within the game, why don’t we provide the players with the proper tools to rent?

– Active PVE needs a refocus which should include social aspects and an actual sense of achievement beyond a wallet tick.

– Moving around EVE should not only be challenging, but also enjoyable at the same time – there are plenty of ideas. I believe, there should be pressing reasons to go to places in EVE Online, and a proper reward about the risks involved.

– DUST needs to be meaningful to the EVE Online player experience, advocating for a further integration is only a start.

– Super capital pilots should not be locked inside their ships, this not only affects individual player experience, but also make them less prone to take risks.

– The need for Incarna is a reality within EVE Online. I do see Incarna as an ill advised, missed opportunity for CCP Games to open the game to a new generation of EVE online players. An open minded CSM are needed to make sure CCP Games does not repeat their past mistakes.

If I am elected I will work toward the greater benefit of EVE Online as a game – providing a more open CSM which would go beyond a “circle of friends, acquaintances or a powerbloc’s demands.” More importantly I want to be a voice for the players – a voice which would go both ways ensuring a much needed synergy between players and developers – for this reason, I’ll be running for the ninth Council of Stella Management office.

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I will be taking CSM 9 related questions to the twitter hashtag #riveriniforcsm9 – which I will be responding in video form, hopefully this way you will get to know me and my platform better.