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Battle Reports: Baiting The Enemy

March 2, 2014

The amount of very fun fights for everybody involved has increased after the 0-w hellcamp. Today was one of those days. While it was Russian prime time, the AUTZ part of NCDOT and PL decided to form a fleet and reinforce some poses with a dread fleet. They knew that this would spike the interest of Solar and DD and that they would likely form up for a chance to kill some NCDOT dreads so a subcap fleet of Foxcats was formed.

NCDOT and PL was ready to rumble so they undocked the dread fleet and jumped in to the first pos. While this was happening the NCDOT fc noticed that there were no enemy eyes in local and so the foxcat support fleet got told to undock and chill on a titan.

Solar and DD did indeed respond and quickly rushed to get on the titan. The Solar cyno was brought into the system where NCDOT and PL were hitting the tower. The Pos died and the wait for the siege cycles to end started. Solar decided to go for it, lit their cyno and jumped in. Unfortunately for them just when the cyno rapier decloaked the siege timers ended and all NCDOT and PL dreads moonwalked out.


NCDOT and PL were now certain that solar would try again and all dreads were asked to refuel. Solar indeed returned home but their bridge titan stayed logged in. Solar told DD what happened and DD decided to form a typhoon fleet. NCDOT and PL found their next target and just like before they jumped in their dread fleet. Being ready to go, Solar raged pinged and got back on their titan. This time being on time and jumped in to the NCDOT and PL dread fleet. This was time to spring the trap, both NCDOT and PL foxcats and DD’s typhoon jumped in and the battle started.

Solar and DD took some big blows and had to warp out to regroup their forces. this gave NCDOT and PL the opportunity to jump their dreads out and align out to go back to the direction of their staging system. While going home the fight continued but DD and Solar were unable to break the foxcats so after a while they decided to go home as well.

Video of the fight made by a Burning Napalm (NCDOT) Pilot:

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