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Bob’s Corner: Making the Money

February 28, 2014

In this Article I’m going to discuss ways that I used to make my money. Of course I’m missing out tons of ways but these are the ways I used to get to the point that I’m at right now. Some ways are known but are well kept away by players that use it so I’m sorry if I burst your bubble!

Eve is a game that centralizes around making money and a lot of the time it takes isk to make isk. For a newer player it can be hard to really find the most ‘’effective’’ way that suits him. I’ve ran into this problem in many different stages so far in my eve career simply because I was doing something else or I simply could not be bothered anymore to grind for something. This made me ask around and learn that in the end it’s all is based upon opportunities.

Opportunities could be joining an alliance, skilling for the right stuff, buying the right item off the market at the right time to having a very kind friend that’s willing to help you out. Below I will tell you some of the ones that I use(d)


Missions in EVE are one of the easiest options to pick when searching for a way to make money. U can almost do them anywhere like highsec, lowsec and even NPC 0.0 regions. Missions vary in difficulty in levels from 1 to 5. Highsec is the safest place for a person to rat around if you as a pilot are not involved in any wars or fly a 200bil Tengu. It takes a while to grind up the standings but with a bit of effort it should be done in a week.


This is the part for 0.0 people. Anomalies can almost be found in every 0.0 system. An anomaly can vary in difficulty and can be hard to do. 4/5 are the same in the way that they show up in your dscan. The most popular sites to run are the Havens, Forsaken Hubs and Sanctums. This is because their escalations are the most interesting to get (more about this you can read in the following part). I used a Carrier to do this and a Machariel as support. For lower sp players I would suggest flying a easier ship to skill into like a tier 3 battlecruiser (The Naga and Oracle are often used)


Escalations are DED sites that can be found in space or you can get them from Anomalies. Alliances with renting support often have their renters sell these escalations to the ‘’regular alliance member’’ and this is definitely very profitable. An example of what I used to do is buy the Fleet staging point DED site. This escalation was divided into 3 stages making them a bit time consuming. I would start out by talking to my renting friend and buy their escalations (get the bookmark for the first stage entry gate), once I had ¾ I would make a route and jump in my tengu. In my tengu I would run all the first stages. Then I would look at the stage 2. These can be blitzed (only shoot what’s needed) and will take no time at all. Once these are done it would come to the most interesting part. The last stage includes a pirate station that needs to be killed to get the loot. My tengu would be exchanged for a falcon and this would go to the first system with the last stage in it. My falcon would light his cyno and I would jump in my capital ship. carriers and dreads work but I must admit to using my nyx’s fighter bomber power to 2 volley the station, loot and continue to the final stages.

This can make you billions a week and I found it a great way to save up for bigger projects like the following


‘’Isk makes isk’’ is a very appropriate saying to this one. Marketing is definitely a great tool to make a lot of money but it requires knowledge and patience which unfortunately I’m lacking. However I still used this instrument to make myself money. A great thing to do is keep eyes on all the big alliances and their movements and ship choice. I used to keep track of ship choices for coalitions and if they changed then I would quickly buy the fits for them on the market so I could relist them for a higher price making me some quick isk.
Another way to use marketing to your advantages is reading the patch notes / dev blogs / discussion threads very closely. A good example of this is the change of moon minerals. When tech got nerfed it meant that neo and dyspro suddenly jumped in price before settling back. People that got early into this change made billions and billions of profit while people that wanted to join the wave but failed to be on time sometimes lost billions of isk as well. Both things has actually happened to my friends.

Find yourself an EVEJob:

Finding yourself an EVEjob can be very fun to do in your spare time. In this I include alliance / corporations and coalition leadership jobs. These jobs are very fun to do because especially in alliance leadership position you get to know a lot of big names in EVE who can become your friends etc. Other than that these jobs require players to spend there playtime on stuff that literally can break your brain into a hundred pieces. This results often in isk being paid to your wallet every month to make your work a bit easier.

I had this happen multiple times to myself. From being an Intel lead for en24 to becoming the chief editor and being the co-ceo / Head Diplomat of an alliance that once was called Unclaimed. That at its max had around 7000 members as part of its community.

If you are interested in an eve job and En24, becoming a writer / Blogger etc. then mail me at [email protected]


This is the most ‘’fun’’ way of making money for me. I would buy a ship and go roam around in space where people were ratting, killing them if I caught them in their sites. These ships are often a bit pimped and can literally drop billions of loot. It’s a bit of a risk but definitely for me my favorite way to make that extra billion.

I hope that I’ve helped you a bit in giving your ideas to use for making your wealth of course I’ve missed tons of stuff that people do but this is simply how I’ve done it. Sometimes I was lucky sometimes it was just using stuff correctly. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me!