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Seraph IX Basarab: CSM Causality – As you sow, so shall you reap

February 26, 2014

By Seraph IX Basarab

I’ll go ahead and give the TL;DR at the start since it may be a tedious story to follow and some may not care. The main point is that Jayne Fillon has, by his own admission, violated the EULA and has no place being in the CSM. He has done this by impersonating me with an alt and attempting to blame me for a scheme he had tried to pull off to gain power in the public community known as Bombers Bar. Further alarming trends in his manner has also suggested an over all staggering incompetence and unethical actions. That aspect may not be a breach in the EULA but should concern the reader nonetheless. A thread has already been locked on the Eve forums and his CSM thread has been wiped clean of any major criticism concerning the events.

Here are the raw logs for you make your own judgement.

1. Jayne being confronted by Cass’s alt about the identity of Bheskagor Azizora (his alt claiming to be me)

2. Jayne impersonating me with his alt to Saeger.

3. Interview with Jayne for “Big Drama in Little Bomber’s Bar Article” + the aftermath

4. Jayne in a panic over me finding out his scheme.

5. Jayne admitting the scheme to myself and Be4st.

The Back Story

It’s interesting to know the full context of the situation as the logs by themselves may make it difficult to discern the situation. I first heard about Jayne in my last few months that I was in Bombers Bar late 2012. I had just wrapped up a contract in the southwest of null only to find out that a little while later that someone else had copied the campaign and done a fairly good job at it. At the time I was considering forming my own corp, Hades Effect, and had already discussed the prospects with a few other people. Jayne was brought on board because he seemed to have initiative and was a decent well spoken individual. The corporation grew into the 50s but our directors were inexperienced.

My own mistake was trying to be the CEO of a fledgling corp whilst finishing up my last semester at university and planning my wedding. I had found out that Jayne was passing on information to Bombers Bar painting us as some sort of sworn enemy to the community in order to gain points and gain influence in bbar. Unfortunately being as busy with university and wedding plans as I was, I was unable to stop what happened next. While the corp was already struggling with internal issues, Jayne sent a corp mail speaking about how the corporation was closing down and kicked most of the membership out absorbing them into his own corp, Sanctuary of Shadows.

The headache of dealing with a corp that had half active leadership at best, plus the stresses of real life made his action bitter sweet. On one hand he betrayed the trust I had given him, but on the other hand I didn’t have to worry about the drama anymore and could enjoy graduating and my wedding. I moved the corp into a 0.0 alliance and just mothballed it unsubbing myself.

The Return

I had kept up with a good bit of the Eve happenings during the summer and fall of 2013 and wasn’t completely uninformed upon my return. As soon as I got back my convos were flooded asking if I was “going to take revenge” on this and that individual. Although I have a good memory I don’t hold grudges. I prefer to move forward beyond disagreements. I had spoken with most of the people I had disagreements with before I had left and I felt like we all got to say our peace and that everyone was alright. Jayne was no different in that regard. I discussed with him my thoughts on his actions and offered to move forward. To my surprise he even proposed the idea of moving his corp membership into Hades Effect.

Even so something didn’t seem right. This Count of Monte Cristo type reputation, while smug worthy, was hardly what I would call my intention. Yet it kept popping up in different places as such I decided to investigate. I got back in touch with my contacts in Bombers Bar, the old Hades Effect members that joined SASH and checked my alts that had been left in place.

During this time there was great turmoil in Bombers Bar. While I had been gone, Jayne had taken up the mantle of “Head FC” and butted heads frequently with the “Bombers Bar Council.” Tempelman N’s absense had left a void he was all too happy to fill. Truthfully Tempelman N was one of the largest reasons I departed from bbar to begin with and I’ll get into that story elsewhere. But the notion of Jayne in charge didn’t much bother me as we had supposedly reconciled. I had noticed that Jayne had created an alternate channel called “Spectre Fleet” that was suppose to be a “non cloaky” alternative to Bombers Bar. In truth, as Jayne later admitted, the channel was created specifically to displace and replace Bombers Bar. Jayne’s fear was that Tempelman N would return and he would lose all that he ad gained. His fears were not unfounded. Aside from keeping up with some of the drama I kept myself uninvolved. Jayne and I had discussed “targetting Tempelman N” but I declined saying I was simply too busy with my work in SYJ. It didn’t interest me to say the least.

Tempelman N Returns

Temp had been less and less active during the time I had been unsubbed as well. His return spelled certain doom for Jayne’s own Spectre Fleet channel while Bombers Bar swelled up to fuller fleets. While Temp wasn’t actually the founded of Bombers Bar, nor was he even the best FC there, he had the attention of the crowds. His childlike joy of the game and his presence on comms earned the admiration of many. It also made him a target for Jayne’s faction and rivalry between the Bombers Bar based Venga Inc corp and Jayne’s SASH heated up even more.

One night after a Bombers Bar fleet, SASH had scanned down the uncloaked Redeemer of Tempelman N while in his brother’s character, Tempelman JWH. They landed on grid and blew him up. Jayne and SASH claimed that they just happened to find his Redeemer uncloaked while the Venga Inc side called foul play. Jayne/SASH and Tempelman N/VENGA clearly had no love for one another. The chances of Temp’s Redeemer just happening to be there uncloaked and it just happening that SASH were the ones to find and kill it are one in a billion.

The likely scenario was that a SASH alt uncloaked the Redeemer while Temp was AFK and then the SASH group struck the hit.Drama erupted around the event and I took to interviewing both sides concerning the events.

Jayne’s Scheme Exposed

The interview I did was a sincere attempt to give both sides a chance to speak their mind. You can view the raw logs here.

If you scroll down you’ll see I’ve divided the logs between the portion that was polished up and published for the article, and the much much more interesting unpublished half below. As you notice, I don’t outright throw the accusation out there. I ease him into it to the point where he himself admits it and tells me more and more details.

[ 2014.01.11 04:35:49 ] Jayne Fillon > Look there is a part of this I don’t want to admit to.
[ 2014.01.11 04:37:00 ] Jayne Fillon > Especially in a place where my logs can be copied and relayed. This is still the same convo that I know I’m going to be on the record for.

And at first he doesn’t completely admit to it making an alt impersonating me, hiring mercs to target Venga and Tempelman and then telling everyone it was me in order to look good. Clearly from the line above he was not happy that I had found out his scheme. What’s even more entertaining than this is the discussion he had with his corp mates.

The panic was hilarious by itself. If you read any of the logs at all do yourself a favor and make sure you read these ones. You really get to see Jayne coping with the prospects of what would happen if the truth came to light. The poor guy even had a panic attack. The trio scurry about figuring out how to best salvage the situation.

In my journey to expose the truth, I’ve also come across several other logs of Jayne using his alt. In the conversation below is Jayne’s early attempt at impersonating me.

He provides details with the specific intent of impersonating me claiming that he, or rather I, hate Tempelman N oh so much and that I have it out for Vengance Inc. It’s the exact same non sense Jayne was passing off to Vengance when he was spying on Hades Effect.

Next is a conversation between the alt of Cass, a then friend of Jayne’s, who made an alt and attempted to figure out who Jayne’s alt really was.

[ 2013.12.27 21:39:35 ] Jayne Fillon > Seraph IX Basarab has returned to the game.
[ 2013.12.27 21:39:41 ] Jayne Fillon > No one hates tempelman like he does
[ 2013.12.27 21:40:00 ] Jayne Fillon > Also, he’s been trying to rebuild his current corporation which…. I destroyed the first time around.
[ 2013.12.27 21:40:15 ] Jayne Fillon > Explains why both SASH and Venga have been targetted.
[ 2013.12.27 21:40:27 ] Tolmasa > surely bombers bar is beyond him now?
[ 2013.12.27 21:40:42 ] Jayne Fillon > That man is insane. Obsessive.

So through the discussion Cass is trying to expose Jayne as the alt and Jayne insists that it was me instead. Apparently i’m back for him for “destroying” my corp, as well as going after bombers bar. Of course i’m insane AND obsessive. Perhaps had I been just a little bit more insane and obsessive, I’d have made an alt and impersonated Jayne instead.

Jayne Confesses

When Tempelman N decided to leave the game, Jayne and his faction swooped in telling everyone in Bombers Bar that that channel was dead and that anyone who wants to continue should move to Spectre Fleet. Jayne was ecstatic, a conqueror in his mind. His scheme had paid off and he had finally taken what he had coveted for so long. I played the part of the neutral party and for the most part that was true. But I wanted to have Jayne admit his scheme to everyone in Bombers Bar who still thought I had been behind all the bad things that had happened.

Indeed I had a surprisingly dark reputation among the community. Names such as Voldemort and Keyser Soze were spoken as I sat on the TS channel under an alias. Eventually I convinced Jayne to admit his scheme to the Bombers Bar community and to my surprise Tempelman N even admitted that he had been wrong about me. The conversation below is the text chat that happened before he confessed on teamspeak.

EULA Breach or Not?

Jayne may be a unethical amoral louse who’s scheming has earned him nothing but enemies and my pity. Truly all he has managed to do is divided the Bombers Bar community. And then true to his nature he divided the alliance he was part of, Axiomatic Dynamics into a splinter faction, Black Ops Armada. Now his corp is not even part of Black Ops Armada, nor will Axiomatic take him back. The saddest part of all of this is for all those months of planning and scheming, the guy achieved nothing more than to be a spectacular joke. There was no grand scam, no brilliant ruse, no heist, nothing. Just high school rumor mongering.

But the question remains, that while all that may be true, is what Jayne did actually in violation of the EULA? Let us take a look at the rules themselves.

“To provide some clarification – impersonating another player, be it by creating a character with a similar character name as someone else or simply claiming you are the alt of someone (such as the ‘I’m your CEO’s alt’ scam as described by F’nog), is not allowed.”

So impersonation is not limited to copying a name but rather to SIMPLY CLAIMING to be that individual.

[ 2014.01.18 01:07:19 ] Jayne Fillon > I convinced cass it was seraph, although cass almost got me to slip up by coming at me on an alt.

[ 2014.01.18 01:11:49 ] Jayne Fillon > Spun some sob story that implicated seraph, then went to the guys who I knew would actually take the job.

Jayne argues that this isn’t a breach of the EULA because he didn’t introduce himself as “Hi I’m Seraph IX Basarab” while Bheskagor Azizora. However the fact that he convinced others and implicated me shows that he obviously intended to impersonate me and did so.

If I claimed to be the alt of a trusted third party with a fanatical love for veldspar (Chribba) or claimed to be a lawyer turned space emperor of nullsec (Mittani) or claimed that I had gymnast like flexibility in my eyebrows and some very strong feelings about how to run an Armor HAC fleet (Shadoo) you wouldn’t need a damn road map to figure out who I was claiming to be. Jayne went even further than that however as he referred to me any time someone brought up the topic of who his alt was. He’s admit that he intentionally did this to pose as me.

If Jayne doesn’t have enough respect for the CSM office as to adhere to the EULA as a representative of the people, he should at least have enough respect for the Eve player base and CCP not to insult our intelligence by feigning innocence.

– Seraph IX Basarab