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The Story behind the B0T Wyvern

February 25, 2014

Dwarfmaster, a member of Brothers of Tangra, was searching around the south for lone ratting carriers to kill. Darkness members began tracking his alt as he was roaming around their space and sure enough they found Dwarfmaster himself. After doing some research they found that he was possibly piloting a Wyvern, on the hunt to hotdrop people that were ratting. A plan was hatched. An Archon pilot was asked to fit a strong tank and pretend to be ratting. The waiting began.

They didn’t wait long – Dwarfmaster’s alt jumped in. Darkness pilots rapidly switched out to their dreads and burned a dictor to 1 jump out of the bait’s system. Dwarfmaster’s alt landed, tackled the Archon and lit his cyno. Dwarfmaster himself, piloting his wyvern, jumped in and engaged the Archon. This was the moment to respond – the archon lit his own cyno and everything jumped in. Dictors tackled the Wyvern and Dwarfmaster’s fate was sealed.


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