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Leaks: Against ALL Authorities update

February 17, 2014

The following piece was originally sent out to all AAA members:

Against ALL Authorities
From: Lahari
Sent: 2014-02-14 21:06:00

Hello Alliance,

Hello Eveskunk and our viewing audience.

I have decided to pull our forces from the front lines and to regroup in GE-. This is not due to any issues with our coalition allies or with any political discourse. This is a recall to address our less than exemplary participation in the forward deployment.

All Pilots will return to GE-, no other station. You will regroup and re engage as alliance pvpers. There will be mandated FC and jr FC roams as often as possible. I expect PvPers to participate in these roams.(To clarify mandated roams, This is a mandate for FCs to form fleets so they can be assessed. Your participation is not mandated however it is highly encouraged as this is an attempt to develop more FCs) I need you fellas to show me that you do in fact realize tha you are in a PvP alliance and that you are expected to PvP.

During this regroup I want to see FCs and Jr FCs to really step up and make interesting and fun fleets for all. Find a fight. Go to Stain, roam Catch, venture into the Provi area and go to Curse. Go where ever you can find a fight and duke it out.

If any major issues occur and our coalition needs our help we will deploy and help them. However, we will not be performing any more structure grinds during our regroup.

I will be having a meeting soon with our CEOs to go over future goals of -A- and I am sure a state of the alliance address will soon follow that.

So go out, have fun and re-energize. We still have work to do and when I give the next order to deploy, I want us to be better prepared.

Hari Out

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