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Breaking: N3 Coalition Meeting

February 16, 2014

At around 18.30 Eve Time today Progodlegend of Nulli Secunda gave a State of the Alliance following the hell camp of 0-W778 by CFC after The Mittani’s state of the goonion live broadcast found here.

The recording can be found here.

  • Didn’t except CFC to do this.
  • Pretty complacent due to FC tired from war
  • CFC executed well. Made us believe they were going somewhere
  • Alot of high up and low level CFC told lies for once
  • Strategically unless CFC plan to move East permanently it should allow Russians to get space up and to sov 3
  • CFC trying to break certain alliances in coalition. Normally how CFC works.
  • This is going to hurt a lot – not going to lie to you.
  • Not got as much as could in station but do have some.
  • Nulli has been in worse situations.


  • All CEOs getting a list of all assets that each member/corp has before deciding what we will try and get out
  • If you don’t have a carrier then make sure your leadership knows about it and arrange a way to get your stuff out.
  • Pretty good chance we will take it back at some point.
  • Need to decide what you want to have in your carrier.
  • Dreads will be moved at the same time as carriers.
  • Jump freighters will be decided what to fill with.
  • NO supers or titans are to be logged in at all!
  • A lot of supers/titans have already been moved.
  • We will have to come back a couple of weeks later to clear the bubbles to jump the titans/supers in here.


  • If you are not in the station you need to get here.
  • No reason to be outside the station.
  • If you do not have a jump clone in the station then you need to.
  • Realistically we don’t have a chance of doing a real break out whilst the hell camp is going on.
  • We will fuck with the hell camp.
  • We will do stuff probably once a day in Euro and US tz. Not scheduled OPS.
  • We may undock domis as drone nerf is coming anyway. Tuesday to Wednesday maybe.
  • When contracting stuff save interceptor, dictor and domi. With logistics (if you can afford it).
  • If you have a carrier/jump freighter outside the station then message Progodlegened with what it is and where. Only for alliances in the station!
  • After the hell camp the system will fall on either Wednesday night or Thursday. We will attempt to get as much out as possible and setup a staging system to regroup.
  • From there we will probably need to take a week or 2 to isk up.
  • Probably not going back to fw,
  • After we isk up we will see where things are going and what we can do. And see how much spare the russians are willing to defend.
  • As long as everyone stays calm this shouldn’t do much to us.
  • Go decide what you are going to give to corp. Get what characters you can into station.
  • No particular fleets today but most of the time will be spreading this info.

Feel free to discussion in the comments below.


For more information from Progodlegend follow him on twitter at twitter.com/progodlegend