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Killmail: Hel’s Kitchen

January 26, 2014

At 8:41 this morning a Hel belonging to pilot Teasy Kane of Fidelas Constans was destroyed in the system of WO-AIJ in Branch.

Teasy Kane was outside of a friendly POS, most likely assigning fighters to one of his ratting alts in system when a cyno went up not far off the POS. In a flash Black Legion. jumped through with 4 titans and almost in synchrony 4 doomsdays hit the Hel, reducing it to a smouldering pile of ash. Drive-by-Doomsdays onto carriers are relatively common but a Drive-by-Doomsday onto a super-carrier? Well that is quite rare indeed.

A video of the Drive-by-Doomsday recorded by one of the titan pilots:


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-Pilf Talterlo