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Provi Bloc Fishing For Stragglers from the HED-GP Fight

January 19, 2014

With the current war being so big in size, smaller alliances often get blocked from attending by just simply being out blobbed. Provi bloc however took a nice opportunity and managed to use it to great success.

In the last few weeks, AAA alt corps started dropping sbu’s in provi systems to provoke fun fights with Provi residents. These great fights happen quite often and to return the favor a SBU was dropped by CVA in HED-GP. AAA didn’t give the fight that Provi Bloc was hoping for so they decided to poke some more.

[EDIT] Our first information appears to be incomplete. We’ve understood Provi bloc returned the favor not by dropping an SBU but by reinforcing the Cynosural Jammer in the system, which allowed N3/PL to reinforce the towers and take over the moons in the system. This was made easier by the fact that there are only 7 moons in the system and that, apparently, -A- wasn’t keeping close attention on their towers.

CVA formed a fleet and for the first time they decided to push the station into reinforcement. Nothing happened from the AAA side and when the station went into reinforce, a PL super fleet came. CVA didn’t want to get involved on any side in the current war and returned home.

Corebloodbrothers, one of the main FCs of the provi lands was searching for a good fight to be had and noticed the final timer on the HED-GP IHUB. Knowing that this would be a big fight he formed a fleet of 150 sentry fleet. This fleet was way too small to get into the big fight in HED-GP and so Coldbloodbrothers took his fleet into F4R- (Staging system of AAA). While flying towards F4R- they noticed a Carrier jumping into F4R-, this may sound normal but this carrier first warped to a ping, then warped back to finally enter the pos. This spiked his interest so Corebloodbrothers ordered his prober to get the ping location and shortly warped his fleet to the ping.

While this was happening, the fight in HED-GP kicked off and CFC + Stainwagon were starting to get in trouble. Some of those members realised that death was their future and so tried to get home. They jumped out of HED- into F4R- and while not paying attention to local warped themselves to the ping that they got off their FC, meaning that they would get a warm welcome home by CVA. After the first dreads died, AAA FC alphastarpilot noticed what was happening and started screaming at their members. This number of capital kills got the CVA a well deserved blood rush and sure enough they started paying visits to other staging system killing capitals each time they got into a system.

While moving around, both N3 and CFC/RUS/Stainwagon formed fleets to kill them, with it becoming too hostile CVA decided to go home.

A quote from Corebloodbrothers describing CVA

Provi is on its own and thats how we like it

Video of CVA’s Side:

In my opinion this tactic that CVA used is perfect for smaller alliance / coalitions like CVA. Often bigger alliances get too focused on their tasks at hand and simply wont notice that 20 to 150 man fleet thats killing their reinforcements or stragglers. Big shoutout to them from my part!