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Battle Report: Mordus Angels/Triumvirate vs Goonswarm

January 16, 2014

With the CFC war update out, I was interested in a battle report I was given from the north–straight from Deklein in which CFC lost a few carriers. Granted, with many being deployed I doubted the response would have been great, or even fast . However, upon digging for more info into what is going on around the north I found some interesting things..but first the battle report!

Mordus Angels and Triumvirate are working together in the North against CFC alliances. They were roaming around VFK area in Deklein when they got a response from Goons to the pressure. They were followed a few jumps out of VFK to JU-OWQ where, apparently, several carriers were dropped on Mordus/Tri fleet.

The battle report from Zkill shows that three carriers were killed along with the goon subcap fleet. The BR from Tri shows 4 carriers killed. The Ashimmu was apparently the in-cyno for the goons, possibly some type of bait attempt that was not successful. According to the report sent by Mordus, when the goon caps cyno’d in the Mordus fleet warped off and came back at range.

Once the goon fleet started to warp off the Mordus fleet warped down and caught a carrier…which prompted the rest of the goon fleet (including the other carriers) to come back. At that point, Tri brought their fleet in and the killing began. There was also a reported 5th carrier on the field, but it got out because the MA/Tri fleet ran out of bubbles due to the fight lasting over 30 min (non-TiDi too).

To break 5 carrier’s reps, I would imagine it could take a while, but in 30 min none of the CFC alliances in Vale area made it up their to help the main alliance. Maybe they were never even called because it appears that the carriers were just dropped to get easy kills so I doubt it was “official” use of carriers–and thus may not have warranted any help.

As I got this BR, we also received information that Tri had taken some moons from CFC forces. Some checking provided these killmails: R64 Promethium , and a Tech Moon (apparently there was a fight over the tech). I am sure there is more to come from the north, and it is nice to see another area in EVE making Dotlan’s list of “active PVP spots”.

As I wrote this even, there was a skirmish in the very familiar system of H-W in Tribute  and another in MSHD. Tri vs Circle of Two. Here are the BR’s from those (it is still early, so it may not be complete with the API pulling):


The north continues to heat up, and I hope things keep getting interesting.

**Credit for original BR from MA: Massadeath

**I know it does not get said often enough, but a majority of record keeping and real time data for EVE is done by DOTLAN. Without it things would be very difficult to confirm (br-wise), and SOV holding, moons, Cap navigation, and in general playing EVE would be much more difficult. So, a big thank to them, and for those of you who do not know:  DOTLAN needs new hardware so it can remain functional. Here is a link to their blog about it.