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Leaks: Darkness Alliance Update

January 14, 2014

Ok ladies and Gentleman

It is time for another war update.

Since the last update a lot has happened.

First off we saved F4R by the skin of our teeth due to a little bad coordination we ended up with f4r into final timers this however we saved under a cyno jammer last weekend.

The war has gone back and forward over the past couple of weeks with gains and losses on both sides. This being said I know that a lot of systems have fallen in feythabolis and it may seem like we are losing horribly and we should run for the hills. I do not agree with this at all, this war is far from over there are still a lot of fights to be had and a hell of a lot more systems to be lost and and to be gained.

Anyway enough about the past, onto the future!

As of right now we are doing a full redeployment to tsg. No more dark members are to be in f4r our alliance has a new course and a new target. As you may have noticed we have some new friends and some old friends joining us in tsg. These friends include a majority of stainwagon and some new friends in the form of solar fleet.

You are to bring your tengu fleet ships to tsg immediately, leave your rokhs and maelstroms in f4r as we will not be of use down here and its too much effort to move them too.
Your job my friends is simple, help me help you there will be ops rolling out daily from tsg at all times so I need you pilots of this alliance to be in tsg ready to go when this happens. You need to have multiple ships ready in hangar for this.

Ships needed for this part of the campaign.

Dominix Close Range/Long Range fit.

Tengu Fleet.

Armor hac Legion/Zealot fleet.

Oracle Fleet.

Bomber Fleet. Grinding and bomb fits ready to use we will get a lot of chances to do ninja stuff in the future.

Black Ops BS.

Roaming ships.

It is time to put our big shoes on boys and girls the war is far from over and is currently in a tipping point where a lot will be decided. It is up to each and every one of you to show up and help us get the job done no matter how boring it may get. We still as much as ever need cyno’s spread around to keep eyes on hostiles and provide us entrance points into areas we need to hit. We need people poking members to make sure they come to fleets and get there ass into gear.

Most importantly


PS: I apologise if this is a horrible update but I was half asleep when I finished writing this.

Feel free to discuss this in the comment section below!