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BNI and Usurper Clash in Syndicate

January 12, 2014

Earlier today a large fight occurred in the system of U0V6-T, Syndicate. The main participants in the battle were Brave Newbies and Usurper., who have been engaged in a war with each other for several weeks now.

A 300-strong BNI fleet of Feroxes and other ships gathered to defend the tower. Initially the fight was between them and Usurper, but they were then joined by Goonswarm and Fweddit, who were in battleships.

Another fleet, this time belonging to Psychotic Tendencies then showed up, they were in Navy Apocs and supported by some triage Archons. GSF and Fweddit then dropped dreadnoughts on to the Archons, managing to kill a couple before the rest jumped out.

More groups then joined the fray, until 60 billion isk worth of damage had been dealt. BNI managed to save their tower, but still took heavy losses like the rest of the parties involved. The battle report can be found here.

TISHU Gave their version of events:

“We had heard that a bni tower was coming out of RF and that The Cursed Few (TCF) and Usurpers were planning to drop to kill the tower. At the time we didn’t expect goons nor J4LP to be there for the fight, but it didn’t matter. We had let the Bni fleet engage the Usurper + TCF fleet originally, while we waited to drop our own Navpocs in about 50km off the fight with 2 triage. Before we had dropped, Goons and J4LP (Being on the side of usurpers) dropped their own handful of archons (4 total) and a Geddon support fleet to help Usurpers.

At this point, we had cyno’d in our Navpoc fleet (with IRED domis) approximately 45km off of the J4LP fleet. At this point it was fairly standard call primaries and secondaries while having our triage rep up any incoming damage. About 20 minutes into the fight or so, a hero dictor had bubbled our triage and goons had cyno’d in 6 Dreads, 4 moros a nag and a revelation about 35km off of our two triage. Unfortunately, neither of our first two triage survived.

At this point, we aligned out, and burned out of the Dread’s range, and decided that we were not going to leave this fight, and brought in two more triage and anchored a Mobile Cynosural Jammer right afterwards. Since we were in Navpocs, we switched to longer range ammo, and the domis had dropped bouncers and we were content killing things at range. About this time, most of the J4LP geddon fleet was dead, and same with the usurper ones, so we went in close to kill the two triage that J4LP and Goons still had on field.

After those two triage had died, we had bounced all our BSs to a wreck so we could warp in on what was left of the Brave Newbies ferox fleet, to start killing them. Upon landing, with our triage, we started doing countdowns to volly bni feroxes before they could recieve reps. During the fight with Bni towards the end, usurpers came back, and bombed what was left of the feroxes with what looked liked 2 bomber waves. I think I speak for most people in Tishu and IRED that saw that, when I say it was 1. Beautiful, and 2. It made our day.

That bomb wave basically cleared out the remaining BNI so we decided to go home, since there was nothing else to kill. But, on our way out, we jumped into D85 and a syj gang of about 20 Taloses were waiting for us, so we dropped another triage so we could kill them without losing any BSs, but Bni came back with about another 100 feroxes, so we dropped a 2nd triage just to be safe. The fight was going well, then Bni did what no one was expecting, and dropped 8 dreads on us, and a carrier. All of our BSs deagressed at this point, and jumped the gate if they could (only lost 1 navpoc from Tishu, not sure about IRED domi losses in this fight).

After these 8 dreads killed our two triage, we decided to escalate by dropping dreads of our own, while bringing back our BSs from KFR that managed to jump the gate to kill 2 of the Bni dreads as well as a carrier. After this, we stuck around waiting for our dreads to come out of siege and jump out before we left, while being harassed by shadow cartel ishtars. After our dreads got out, we could consider the fight won, and we left to go back home.

We can’t take all the credit for the carrier kills in U0. UHURT took a BS fleet there, while streaming it, and had brought 9 neut geddons, which played a big part in neuting out some of the J4LP and Goons Triage. I would also like to thank IRED for bringing 1/2 of the dreads we had used to escalate Bni.”

U0V Battlereport

D85 Battlereport


A Brave Newbies member posted his version of events on reddit:

“I knew the POS coming out of reinforce was going to be a bigh fight, but had no idea it would get this big.

I’ll start with, “the plan was different, and then is changed”. Carefully prepped Ospreys sat idly while the logi team scrambled to get into Furrox Scythes. We don’t fly that particular build a lot, so there was a flurry of activity to get into them and make little changes for some to get cap stable. Thanks to Blue Ice for putting up many ships on contracts.

Hurry, hurry, get ready turned into sitting in the station for a while, waiting for the content. I was told that my mother-in-law was stopping by in 2-3 hours. Any resistance shodl be mopped up by then I thought. We laughed about it in logi comms.

Finally, we bridge in. “Hardeners on! Broadcast for reps!”

I had turned my graphics to low, but had to keep brackets on, since I was the logi anchor. Immediately, we are fighting a huge battleship fleet. As in every fight, the first few primaries are nearly impossible to save as we land and get oriented. Soon, we can keep people alive.

Logi starts to get targeted and without a large tank, get popped. I realize that while I do have range from the fleet, I’ve put us toward the more dangerous set of enemies instead of away from them. Doh. We burn through our fleet and out the other side to the safety of range.

Kinda looked like this when I was doing it right: http://i.imgur.com/jBsBnRH.png

From that point we seemed to be doing well. More enemies came in and we started lose a Feroxes to high alphas. We also had to move around a bit to get away from the various fleets as they moved in. Trying to stay in rep range of the cyno ship, in range of the main fleet, and away from enemy fleets felt like a trigonometry problem. Sorry for my mistakes when we would be in the wrong spot.

After a bit, we seemed to hold the field. To logi, the FC targets are kind of like a background noise that you can ignore. At one point they got really worked up and there was cheering. We had just killed a carrier. I had no idea we were shooting one. ;p

Then there was a knock at the door. The mother-in-law had arrived. I told the logi team I had to go, put down my head phones, and walked away, expecting to find myself in a fresh clone when I returned. As planned, Noh Way & Hadrian took over the logi duties. I am grateful for their help.

We gave a tour of the house to her brother, visiting from Hong Kong, discussed art for a bit, and then said our goodbyes.

I sat back down and found my ship in the POS, the fleet fighting in another system. Wows. I listened to the fight over comms and went out to rep the POS with a small group of other Scythes. 43%, 44%, slowly getting it back over the line where it could be onlined and re-stronted.

I sadly watched as a glorious loot field sat UNLOOTED as a VERY MAD Ursurper pilot made bomb runs to pop the wrecks. Such heresy. Even more painful was to watch an Ursurper Noctis arrive and salvage the remaining wrecks. My Brave heart weeps.

They left and we got the POS north of 65% shields.

At some point, the remaining U0 pilots met up with the ragtag Motre fleet of survivors and started to make our way home. A very well executed bomb run by Ursurper [fixed] in Y-W halved the fleet, but we finally made our way home to Barleguet to dock up and start the sharing of war stories.”


Usurper’s version of events:

The Brave Newbies Inc. an alliance second only to GoonSwarm in size have been waging a war against Usurper. In Syndicate that has left thousands of ships (mostly BRAVE ships) relegated to the graveyard eagerly picked apart by salvage drones and Noctis alike.

On January 12th Hundreds more would join that graveyard as Usurper rallied its forces to take down a brave POS coming out of reinforce in the dead end system U0V6-T. As the Reinforce timer grew near word spread out across Syndicate like a wildfire. Usurper formed a 40 man battleship fleet and began attacking the POS. It wouldn’t take long for a BRAVE 125-man fleet to titan-bridge onto the battlefield. The Brave fleet composed of mostly Ferox, Scythes and Celestis. Being severely outnumbered the Usurper fleet held its ground and laid into the sea of Brave. Both sides traded wrecks back and forth until the Usurper Logi began to fall to the overwhelming numbers.

Once the tables had truly turned in BRAVE favor, a Battleship fleet of Federation Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] and I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth [J4LP] forces then bridged in, totaling 120-Men. BRAVE then bridged in yet more Ferox support from their titan in Barlequet. More Wrecks for the Graveyard; and in the midst of all this Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] jumped in several Triage Archons to support an Apocalypse Navy Issue fleet; they were there to back up BRAVE.

Further escalation would bring Six J4LP and CONDI dreadnoughts onto the field. This prompted a mad scramble by TISHU to end their siege cycles and jump out. Before they could two of their Archons would join the Graveyard. The sub-cap part of the fight would see many more ships fall on both sides to include most of the J4LP and CONDI battleships as they withdrew from the field.

By this time the battlefield looked like a hodgepodge of lasers, explosion, and Wrecks. Everyone having counted Usurper out due to their size had underestimated their wit. No one expected what came next. Under the shadow of the Fog OF War Usurper had slipped out of system to their home system next door and re-shipped to Bombers. The gaggle of BRAVE and TISHU still on the field were starting to exchange high fives as they entered what they assumed were the last stages of the battle. And then……

THE SKY LIT UP! and Usurper bombs laid waste to TISHU Sub-Caps and BRAVE. Over 25 Ferox, several logi, Celestis and countless BRAVE cannon fodder lay mangled amongst the wreckage.

TISHU’s began to retreat home and BRAVE as it typical of them decided to attack the very fleet who helped them in U0V6-T. A New BRAVE Ferox fleet caught them two jumps away from the battlefield on the D85 gate. TISHU escalated with triage Archons, and BRAVE for the first time since the WAR began responded to this with its own Capitals Eight Dreadnaughts to be exact. Never one to be one upped TISHU Cynoed in by more dreadnoughts; By this time Usurper had dispatched their bomber wing to the field and began carped bombing both enemy fleets taking many more BRAVE Ferox to the Graveyard. The Capitals saw two Brave Dreadnaughts fall and one TISHU Carrier.

The spillage of the fight over to D85 allowed BRAVE to Ninja Rep the POS in U0V6-T and re-stront it.

In the End the Report would see over 350+ ships fielded, the BRAVE side of the conflict Retain their “strategic” POS and should see the Usurper side of the Conflict Destroy over 3 times the amount of ISK and Ships belonging to the BRAVE enemy. Total ISK destroyed that night is upwards of 95+ Billion. Usurper invited Brave to continue this foolish conquest. They surely must think this is SOV Space. No structures to Grind here, Usurper is here to Stay.

Eve-kill Battle Report

We will update this article if we find any footage of the fight.

UHURT Stream of the footage : http://www.twitch.tv/sirsqueebles/c/3533240

I-RED/TISHU video: