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Battle Report: OE-9UF

December 23, 2013

With the war in the south…..the way it is currently….here is an interesting battle report sent to me by Mordus Angels (MOA) from the other side of EVE. MOA is a Pure Blind NPC null-sec alliance who state they are anti-CFC. The story received is as follows:

MOA has been harassing CFC Alliances in the North, and has even killed a POS or two, one such kill can be found here.

Goonswarm apparently had to send help to Li3 to deal with MOA (currently around 800 members) and CFC forces reinforced several MOA poses in the NPC area using capital ships. MOA and friends showed up to defend the timer and the result did not go well at all for CFC forces. For a numbers-comparison here is the BR Doc.

While MOA lost the tower, it was not without great cost to the CFC forces. According to the battle report, 4 Goonswarm dreads were killed along with 2 carriers and several CFC battleships. I did not see in the battle report where any other CFC groups risked their capitals (do they have them?) in the fight as all caps on the BR were from Goonswarm Federation. It would seem they were not able to handle the threat on their own and needed capital support from GSF to take out the tower. However, it did appear that most of the dreads were able to extract from the situation so the loss was not as bad as it could have been.

TEST and EMP have announced their plans to harass CFC from the North, and with groups like MOA already putting the pressure on CFC allies things could get very interesting in the coming few weeks. Will GSF have to send main-line CFC members away from the southern front to deal with a potentially significant threat? What will happen to the southern grind if that happens? Only time will tell.

On a final note, this video (~11 minutes) was provided of the fight, and thanks to MASSADEATH for submitting the info and the video.


**We are always on the lookout for interesting stories/battle reports from any side of any conflict in EVE, so if you have something you feel is news-worthy feel free to contact us with the details**