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Battle Report: Thursday Night Extravaganza

December 13, 2013

Yesterday night, SOLAR Fleet decided to kill a onlining POS that was placed on a R64 moon. This attempt went different than Solar had in mind…

Alliances often try and do a sneak attack while POSes are onlining. This is because the POS has no shields which means that you can use Fighter bombers. The most important part is that an onlining POS has no reinforce timer. making you able to blitz attack giving your enemy no chance to plan a defence.

With the reason above SOLAR decided to go for it and cyno’d their super fleet in at the POS location. a brave NEXUS Pilot noticed what happened and quickly reported this to N3 + allies Fc’s. SOLAR had no support fleet with their super caps giving the N3 a perfect opportunity to try and go for it. Pings went out and N3 + PL quickly formed a Super / Slowcat fleet.

N3 + PL were ready, so the brave NEXUS pilot switched to a cyno ship and got back in system. He warped at 0 of the SOLAR Super Capitals. Surprisingly the SOLAR Supers didn’t warp off so he quickly lit his cyno. N3 + PL jumped in, quickly tackling the SOLAR Supers.

SOLAR quickly pinged Stainwagon + BL in an attempt to save their tackled Supers. BL rage pinged for an Alpha fleet while Stainwagon formed Railgus (rail Tengus) and quickly got to the Battlefield. Goonswarm decided to form a fleet too but stood down before the first super even died. from N3’s side Nulli formed a Proteus fleet to counter the tengus and got on the battlefield as well. The Slowcats were able to push BL and stainwagon off the field so Stainwagon + BL decided to go back home and stand down…

Last SOLAR super died and N3 returned home.