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Seraph IX Basarab: Elo Knight Interviewed.

November 23, 2013

By Seraph IX Basarab

I sat down this evening with Black Legion’s Elo Knight, arguably the single most famous FC in 0.0. I expected quite a few things from speaking with the man and what I found was someone of few words, humble of his capabilities and hopeful of his future. We spoke almost an hour while he was FCing a fleet.


Seraph IX Basarab: Alright so first off thanks for agreeing to the interview. So our readers know none of the questions have been given prior to the interview and what follows is completely off the cuff. So why did you start playing Eve and what brought you to it?
Elo Knight: Spaceship game was cool, looked fun, all on 1 server.

SIXB: Why did you decide to focus on pvp?
Elo Knight: Its what im good at, so i’ll do it, more fun too.

SIXB: Can you tell us about your corp, Origin and how Black Legion started.
Elo Knight: I made my corp just myself and built it with help of ppl I recruited then we stole BL from original owners after they kicked me once.

SIXB: What’s the story behind that?
Elo Knight: We just got more corps and made my corp exec, until I accidentally disbanded us.

SIXB: Why did you get kicked from nulli?
Elo Knight: Not meshing, I guess.

SIXB: What did you do after leaving Nulli?
Elo Knight: Remake bl and go to venal.

SIXB: Is this when you campaigned against CFC capitals?
Elo Knight: Sort of yes, against all people.

SIXB: Soon after, NCdot and Nulli would defend Tribute against the CFC if I’m not mistaken. What prompted you to join forces with them?
Elo Knight: Money, friendship and they paid us to be blue and stuff.

SIXB: How much did they pay?
Elo Knight: Then stabbed us in the back after we killed PL titan. They gave us 5 tech moons(20bmonth per or so at the time)

SIXB: I’ll get to the infamous falling out between you and NCDOT, but I’m personally curious how the defense of Tribute was handled. Who was in charge and who were some of the notable FCs there, beside yourself.

Elo Knight: Mostly twinkey was other fc. Vince didnt fc against goons after UMI. Only shot solar wit
h blob.

SIXB: How was working with Vince – NCDOT’s defacto leader?
Elo Knight: So so, I usually avoided him due to rage, as did my alliance.

SIXB: Now most people have the impression that the falling out between you two was due to “because of Falcon” incident. Was that just the straw that broke the camel’s back? What happened with the PL titan?
Elo Knight: yeah vince lost his mind on my 2nd in command, so we moved, and we killed pl titan with s2n, then PL took our moons with cfc in ncdot space and plnc were blue. So they fucked us(after they said they’d help defend). They fucked allies as they always do.

SIXB: Now when Tribute was abandoned, BL returned up north correct? What happened between BL and 401K?
Elo Knight: they did little work and expected half, so we reset after 1 campaign due to us rf 10 pos, they’d show with 30 ppl, and take half.

SIXB: Afterward you continued to harass the CFC as they went to war with TEST and Tribal. You’ve been asked this before but who approached who about the deal between you and the CFC and how much money was exchanged?
Elo Knight: The exchange is classified

SIXB: Understood. What exactly was BL’s role in the Fountain campaign?
Elo Knight: Supportfcingtactical planning of campaign and backup.

SIXB: How was working with the CFC FCs?
Elo Knight: Its fine, they don’t argue back, not full glasses.

SIXB: How effective was N3 in helping TEST?
Elo Knight: Very, until they bailed.

SIXB: Do you think they would have won in Fountain had N3 not bailed?
Elo Knight: Probably if they actually committed.

SIXB: Now through all this, a rivalry seems to have been growing between Black Legion and Pandemic Legion. There have been some brief flare ups such as the Revenant kill but also the debacle BL faced. What are your thoughts on all of that?
Elo Knight: Makes the game fun.

SIXB: Now according to the Mittani’s CEO update, he was surprised that BL would ally with the southern alliances while I provided analysis in another article that suggested that it should and will happen. What motivated that choice?
Elo Knight: Me and mactep have discussions of what is best for our allies, and we came to an agreement.

SIXB: I was pleased to see it happen myself as it provided Eve yet another capable coalition. But would you consider yourselves a single coalition or is BL simply hired as mercs again?
Elo Knight: We are a part of it. Help sf get new space, crush n3 and pl.

SIXB: Any plans on grabbing and holding some sov for yourselves?
Elo Knight: Maybe,we’ll see. If only to subsidize our capital habit

SIXB: What do you call the coalition you are part of? I’ve used Neo-Stainwagon and SoCo while others have used RUSRUS and DTF.
Elo Knight: I think dtf is our name, but name doesnt matter as we are united.

SIXB: How has the war been going for DTF, and how has the Goon support changed, if at all, the outcome of fights so far?
Elo Knight: Bombers helped.

SIXB: Now last few questions. You pretty much have a star reputation as one of the best 0.0 FCs in Eve right now. Do you let that get to your head or do you try to stay humble? How do you foresee the outcome of this war?
Elo Knight: I’m not that good, and I hope we win this, as it will shake up eve.

SIXB: I really think it will. Any last thoughts you’d like to add?
Elo Knight: Not much, I don’t have many words for most things, I just like to play.

SIXB: Actions not words, always better that way. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me and I wish you the best.

Quite insightful on some of the things that happened and perhaps on the things to come. I hope you all enjoyed.

– Seraph IX Basarab