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*UPDATED* The Haiduc of the South, DARKNESS. Nyx AWOX

November 21, 2013

By Seraph IX Basarab

There where some really juicy logs added in the first draft of this article, for tecnical reasons they got left out, I just re-added them, along some cheap iframe ninja thingy…

The haiduc, or hajduk is a term for an outlaw, brigand or marauder of a Robin Hood nature native to the Balkan region. There’s a strong folk and national tradition in these regions centering around the haiduc as a resistance fighter against oppression. Often times that oppression would come from the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire or Golden Horde remnants in the east. This mindset and tradition continued even into the 20th century with movements such as Draza Mihailovic and his Royalist Chetniks (not to be confused with swine Nazi loving fake chetniks), the anti-Communist resistance movements in Romania after World War 2 and even into the 90s with NATO’s bombing campaign in Yugoslavia. And so with great pleasure I bring you the tale of a fellow Romanian, Jade Maleficant who took it upon himself, not by vendetta, but by chance, to live out that tradition within the Eve Universe.

A story almost untold

Jade initially tried to publish the story with TMC weeks ago their “awful loss of the week” section. I really didn’t understand why they’d pass up such a story but if we take a chance and put some tin foil on we can safely assume that it is because the CFC does not want to make their ally look bad. This will be more than just a story about a dead Nyx, but a discussion concerning the welfare of 0.0 grunts everywhere and how one person made himself heard the only way the ruling class would listen.


Jade was a member of HIFI Industrial, the indy branch of HIFI corp. They were part of ASH at the time who were in turn part of the short lived Dinner Coalition which had split off from the HBC. When Dinner Co fell apart, ASH issued orders to evac to Cobalt Edge. While Jade had a great relationship with the leadership in his corp, he preferred to stay in the south and try to make it work with whoever would move in.

“…mish never once gave me shit or aggravated me in any way, that makes him a fantastic guy to be around. And I was a fucken nobody, just a grunt…(but) I wasn’t going to touch CE with a ten foot pole.”

Things were very different for Jade when DARK. moved in. He joined up with Versatech Co and shortly after joining got the boot from the CEO without any sort of consideration. Jade had been sick going to work and coming home to sleep for about a week and with no warning, simply “got the axe.” While the boot didn’t bother him much, he needed to evac his assets. With a little bit of sweet talk and charisma he managed to come back with the approval of another director.

While he kept in touch with his friends in HIFI, and even helping some of them get their things out of DARK. stations, he simply wanted to make his new home work. Even when he did think of leaving, his intent was always to leave on good terms although the sentiment seemed lost on any of the leaders. But what motivated such an AWOX?

Within the last few weeks the well being of grunts in DARK deteriorated rapidly. People were being purged at random. Jade even had a director lie to his face when he caught him selling a couple Nyx BPCs to alliance at a heavily discounted price. Instead of helping the alliance build supers, the director pocketed the money.

According to Jade’s source, a contact of DARK. leadership estimated that they pocket about 30-70 billion isk a month while other alliances provide 125% SRP on logi ships. The alliance offered no SRP whatsoever, not even the bare minimum SRP for Logi. Furthermore, while taxes began at 0 percent, they were raised to 5% to “pay sov” then 10%, then 100% during fleets and weekends. So where does the money go if not in the pockets of a few people? With such rampant corruption and disregard for “the grunts”, Jade had decided that enough was enough.

Day One

On November 1st, Jade had consolidated his assets. A friend (Tiberius) in HIFI (now in Kadeshi) helped him cyno his assets out toward Omist when Jade noticed a Nyx in space. At first Jade simply assumed the owner was “petting it” at a POS. It was only later that he considered the Nyx was actually out and about. Deep in US TZ, Jade was free to investigate as DARK. is a primarily EU TZ alliance. Lo and behold, Jade found his CEO warping to sanctums at zero, stationary warping and ratting with his Nyx’s fighters.

Tib and Jade planned their strike but after a slow moving and painful 45 min of waiting for Titans to log in they almost gave up. “If leadership doesn’t get off their fat asses to drop on it fuck it, just apply to HIFIN and let it be” Instead Jade was patient and decided to bide his time.

Day Two

The next day he avoided logging in during EU TZ prime in order to avoid any sort of leadership agro concerning CTAs/stratops. Instead he logged in late at night hoping that his CEO would still be ratting in his Nyx. To everyone’s delight, he did not disappoint.

On this night the titan pilots were around and the plan by Jade and the rest of HIFI was hatched to drop AvanCade in his Nyx. There were a few things to consider. For one, AvanCade is ex-BoB so the assumption was that with years of experience, the guy would play it cool. Beyond that, there was the issue of where to open the cyno. Too close and the Nyx’s smart bomb would pop Jade’s ship. Too far and the cyno may not bring the dictors close enough to point the Nyx which could jump to a beacon. On top of that, Jade would have to maneuver his cloaky frig through wrecks and swarms of fighters and rats. Sending the dics/hics through the gate was also risky as they’d appear in local and on intel channels.

7km away from the Nyx with everyone ready, adrenaline’s coursing through everyone’s veins making the seconds pass by like minutes. Jade lits the cyno up and 7 eternal seconds later dictors land and bubbles go up. A secondary cyno goes up ensuring that if the first gets popped, they still have a jump in. And what exactly followed? A rush to save the Nyx? Cat and mouse game through the system? Nope, none of that. Que the Benny Hill music.

“In a great display of skill after 10 or so seconds, this ex-bob seasoned pvper freaks out and… logs off (lol?!). Notice he’s not in local anymore. What followed was pure comedy: having the wrong overview he (and anyone active in system) _fail to understand what happend_ and my 10min. helios cyno safely expires with him on grid. Never agressed.”

[ Killmail ]

Better yet the pod that popped was rocking crystal implants.

Jade MWDs away with his victim never the wiser.

This is what follows in chat:

[04:21:26] CLEISTHENES2 > watch out for kadeshi
[04:21:33] CLEISTHENES2 > they using some game cheat to hot drop
[04:21:50] CLEISTHENES2 > they now in zid killing my super
[04:22:19] Quadima > what cheat? report to ccp if something abnormal
[04:22:30] CLEISTHENES2 > i will
[04:22:55] Quadima > hotdrop with non-covops ship?
[04:23:02] CLEISTHENES2 > yup
[04:23:05] CLEISTHENES2 > no neut in local
[04:23:17] CLEISTHENES2 > then broadsword decloaked and hotdrop
[04:23:52] Quadima > omg, that’s a big one, printscreen it all, upload to imageshack and make petition

Not only was the victim obviously mistaken, he ensures the next victim is none the wiser as well. The frustration continued.

[04:50:21] AvanCade > fucking pricks are petitioned
[04:50:32] AvanCade > hope they get banned even if i do not get reimbursed
[04:51:06] AvanCade > the broadsword decloaked ontop of my nyx did not even warp to the anomalie or appear in local

[04:58:01] AvanCade > awww
[04:58:30] AvanCade > seems you are more butt hurt by it than me
[04:59:14] Elazar Keon > i am, i already got 3 convos being made fun of for being in a renter/carebear/retard alliance
[04:59:21] Elazar Keon > since i logged in 30 min ago
[04:59:25] Elazar Keon > with regards to your nyx

Day Three

Jade had gotten a taste of blood and he wanted more. This time he didn’t set any big goals. Perhaps a ratting Tengu or a Mach, maybe just a T1 BS. He took the precaution to log off in space but the thing that really surprised him was that absolutely NOBODY had reached a logical conclusion on how a broadsword “magically spawned” on top of a ratting Nyx. Perhaps Cleis/Avan should have done that instead of ragepetition CCP.

Jade provides some things to consider for next time: ” holla DARK leadership/FC!Ever heard of nubs?Let’s assume for a second it wasn’t a hax. Who could have cynoed for HIFI? Maybe the guy who has them in employment history? Hmm why does this guy has no assets anymore in station (but a small quantity of ozone :)? Why is he logged in space in a helios? I know – tough questions – it’s hard to think in DARK.”

This time Jade had found a Thanatos on scan. It was at a staging pos Versatech Co uses. But how would he bump him out with a Helios? Instead a 100 mn Stabber was used to bump the afk thanny out of the pos. Cyno up and…

The 10 min cyno on the Stabber expires. Again nobody asks themselves what happened, no worries about neuts, cynos of carrier wrecks. Jade scouted the 3-PC31 constellation, refilled his fuel and continued to look for targets. This time a simple Archon.

Figuring that DARK. was getting wise he opted to aggress on the carrier leaving no doubt and only a trail of wrecks, tears, and something some experts are calling buttfrustration.

In honor of such events, ZID station has a new name ZID-LE I – NYX’R’US


Not every disgruntled grunt (harhar) is going to destroy your ratting super. Jade hadn’t even planned for it but through blatant incompetence the opportunity presented itself. God save you if you have someone who actually takes the time and is patient and vengeful enough, worse so, capable enough to exact such payback. It just goes to show you that if you have power, it doesn’t give you the right to be a prick.

Many thanks to Jade and company for this story and I wish them the best of luck.

– Seraph IX Basarab