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Red Alliance Joins The War

November 12, 2013

Yesterday Red Alliance announced that they will be joining the upcoming Winter War. They will team up with Solar, BL and Stainwagon, almost reforming the old Russian Coalition. Their focus will be the northern space that N3 holds making it harder for N3 to defend the old russian home.

The following announcement was sent out:


Since October 31st, when big war begun many of you wondered “when RA will join the fight?”. I can congratulate you all – the time has come.

We all wanted to help to destroy empire called N3, this is our chance, finally! We can spill our rage and grudge on those who took our home from us, threw away 6 month of our efforts. We were worked hard on improving our fleet participation from 30 to 100. Time to use what we’ve got.

We are moving to Curse to hit Insmother/Wicked Creek/Scalding Pass. Our main targets will be DSP/INC.

Goal is to paralyze these regions, kill everything that moves. You can find out more about campaign from your directors and CEOs.

Main reason behind moving to Curse is that Geminate residents are not willing to attack N3. We cannot just sit in anomalies and watch how carnival passes us by.

So pack your bags, sharpen your knives, refill alcohol supplies! It will be hot winter!