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*live* fight going down in KW-I6T

November 5, 2013

Watch live video from Mad_Ani on www.twitch.tv

Currently we have a fight going down in the KW-I6T system, a system owned by Nulli secunda. The I-HUB was set to come out about 30 mins or so ago, Darkness of Despair jumped in a Tengu fleet with scimi support and a 30man dreadnought fleet. Pandemic legion responded by bridging in 50 capitals and 40 super capital ships, no sub caps. Darkness of despair managed to get out the majority of their 30 man dreadnought fleet, loosing 4 in the process.

Local is currently at 1650, 100b isk destroyed so far
– -DD- in Tengu/scimi fleet, AAA in rohk fleet, Razor in Munnins, PL in archon/nyx/aeon fleet, Solar in a tengu fleet. S2n/Nc. and other N3 entities are said to be forming up now.
– Razor fleet just got bombed and so forced off field.
– PL vastly outnumbered with no allies on the field, lost afew archons so far.
– BL just showed up in Maelstroms
– Goonswarm federation have just shown up in a 100man Dominix fleet.
– Despite being vastly outnumbered, PL so far are winning the fight.
– Nc. just brought in a 30-40 carrier fleet
– S2n just brought in 10-20 carrier fleet and a large proteus fleet.
– A scan of station: https://adashboard.info/intel/dscan/view/vUy2e2Oc
– A scan of local: https://adashboard.info/intel/local/view/a8RUr0kK
– All sides bridging in more reinforcements
– Darkspawn and Unthinkables have just shown up in a mixed fleet focused around the Maelstrom
– Have to go now guys, but keep your fellow eve players updated in the comments below 🙂