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*live* Stainwagon/Solar/BL and N3 clash in G15Z-W

November 4, 2013

Watch live video from Mad_Ani on www.twitch.tv

A up to date local scan (as of 22:18)


Why is this fight going down? it would appear as if the new southern coalition, some are calling “DTF” (what this means is anyone’s guess) had SBU’D G15Z-W they began attacking the I-HUB, to which PL/N3 responded and this is where we are now.

local is at 1750 and still rising

– PL is in a slowcat fleet, s2n a proteus fleet, nc. a loki fleet, bl in a tengu fleet, DD in typhoons, razor appear to be in a zealot fleet, solar in a tengu fleet, assortment of n3 forces in hurricanes
– currently engaged on the ihub
– pl have a large archon fleet caught in bubbles at the i-hub numbering around 80-90
– goons have just shown up in a fleet of dominix’s in at least 100.
– insidious empire have just shown up in around 100 in a varied fleet that would appear to revolve around ewar
– TiDi now at 10%
– Goonswarm are targetting N3 over Stainwagon
– A few PL carriers are jumping out, majority still there though.
– Approximately 15b isk destroyer so far, potential for that to go up if PL cannot evac their carriers.
– Stainwagon are trying to primary the only non archon PL capital on field (a nidhoggur) the spider tanking of the capital ships seems to be holding just fine though.
– I encourage you guys to keep your fellow eve players updated in the comments down below and check out Mad ani’s stream, i’m afraid i must go now 🙂