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*live* Big fight going down between Stainwagon and N3.

November 2, 2013

Mad ani is covering the fight
Currently have AAA in a tengu fleet, BL in a zealot fleet, Solar in a tengu fleet, nc. in a loki fleet, s2n in a proteus fleet, razor are in system in a zealot fleet. Darkness of Despair in a Typhoon fleet, rest of N3 alliances in a maelstrom fleet, Solar fleet in a tengu fleet, pl in a proteus fleet.
The fighting is occuring in GE-8JV so keep a eye on the killboards 🙂

Will keep you guys updated as they fight goes on!

– Local is now at 3000 people
– TiDi is maxed out at 10%
– ALOT of t3 cruisers on field.
– N3 and SW brawling it out on a cluster of Cynos (assuming N3 cyno’d in on these)
– Insidious Empire has a brutix fleet in system, while not official members of n3, emp is n3 friendly.
– Over 130billion isk destroyed so far. (eve-kill.net is begin dodgy for this fight)
– Reports have it stainwagon is taking more losses then n3.
– pl fighting solar/razor in a different spot in system.
– DD fleet got bombed (most of their fleet dies)
– N3 fleet caught in bubbled, Stainwagon outside of them
– http://i.imgur.com/5phLsXc.png, good ideas of numbers on each side (but goonswarm are neutral party not on anyones side (par not shooting razor ofc.))
– Confusing to tell whos winning at this stage, seems fairly even.
– Stainwagon seems to be pulling ahead, probably because of their ability to reship faster then N3 (GE is there staging system)
– N3 leave the field
– Fight has ended, approximately 1500-1600 ships were destroyed with the isk total ranging from 70-150b isk, killboards seem to be having difficulty tracking this magnitude of fight 🙂