CONCORD Was Blind!

Day 2 of GM Week – a Scavenger Hunt begin the day with a GM spotted in Gallente Rookie systems. CCP Customer Support provided clues and fitting information to find the …

War of Drones Week 1: Setbacks, Resurgence, & Supercaps Gone Wild

Disclaimer: The Author is a Line member of one of the Alliances involved
Were your humble narrator to attempt to live up to his original self proclaimed tag as the Worst …

The Roving Warbands’ Guide to Entosising for Fun and Profit

Disclaimer: The following article was submitted to us by: SavenJerent. Statements made in this article are that of the author and do not reflect those of EN24
I read numerous …

The Zkill Guide to the nightmare

A Nightmare guide made by rhiload!

Video: NewBro PVP Experience

Watch this newbro in his challenge to become the worlds best