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Hey, I have been holding the possibility of running a donation drive for Eve News24 for so long – but seems like I have finally caved.

We have put ourselves the goal of being the pioneers in Eve Online news coverage and to this date we have managed to do it, but we find ourselves increasingly strained both in time and money in order to satisfy our vision of Eve News24.

For this, we are opening Eve News24 to donations which will be used to fund both EN24 and future projects.

I appreciate any support from your side and rest assured it will be put to good use:

In Game:

Send ISK donations to riverini. If you wish to Donate assets, contract them to the same character.

These Donations will be used for providing our writers and tipsters with great kickbacks/rewards for their hard work.

Real Life Money Donations

Eve News24 is and will always be a free service, from the players to the players. If you wish to Donate money to Eve News24 feel to click the link below and donate. The proceeds of these donations will be used for hosting, DDoS shielding and many other costs which come with the site, as well as seed capital for future projects.

If you wish to give us a hand and send some RL isk, feel free to use the “donate” button on the sitebar.

Enrique Rivera / riverini
Eve News24