Dev Blog: Introducing Upwell Refineries

Hello again ingenious capsuleers! This dev blog will cover the plans for the next series of Upwell Structures to become available to Capsuleers: Refineries.

We are releasing …

PSA: Patch Notes for EVE Online 119.3 R1.4 (March 21)

User Interface:
Added a Total Net Worth counter to the character sheet. This is accessed by clicking a ? icon in the character sheet header. This counter updates once every 5 …

Dev Blog: PLEX Rework – Follow up

Hi again!

Last week we announced plans to update PLEX, which you can ready about here. Since then, we’ve been listening to community discussion and now we want to give …

Dev Blog: PLEX Changes On The Way!

Hello Space Shoppers!

Team Size Matters here to tell you about some changes we have lined up for PLEX, Aurum and the New Eden Store. These changes don’t have a set …

PSA: EVE Online March Release Patch notes

It’s patch note day! Here are the patch notes for the YC119.3 / March 14 release.

Patch notes for 119.3
Published on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Features & …