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For The Horde: (Some of) CO2 Joins Pandemic Horde

December 11, 2018

By Twilight Winter

Around a week ago, gigx and Da Winci delivered an emotional message to the members of Circle-Of-Two: the alliance didn’t have a future. A lot of time in the address was focused on the difficulties they’d faced trying to find a new home either for the alliance or for the corporations that made up the alliance.

It seemed that all was lost. Corporations which had spent years fighting side by side, taking space, losing space, and deciding the outcome of wars would have to drift apart and find their own futures. Outreach to Pandemic Legion and others had resulted in failure to secure a new home.

Fortunately for CO2, it seems that some last-minute diplomacy worked in their favour as they’ve just had several corporations accepted into Pandemic Horde: Titans of Doom, Pain and Pleasur, Banished Braindead Zombies, and what appears to be a merger of refugees from multiple other CO2 corps, Circle-0f-Two.

Interestingly, this represents a departure from Pandemic Horde’s traditional modus operandi of essentially working as a single corporation, with a single leadership hierarchy and focused goal.

It will be interesting to see how the leadership structures handle a merger, but this could end up being a bit of a coup for Pandemic Horde in picking up not only a number of very experienced PvPers, but a significant expansion to their supercapital capability and some very established FCs.

Interestingly, there are still a fair number of pilots in CO2 — 728 at the time of writing, spanning 27 corporations. It will be interesting to see whether those corporations merge into the new Horde corp, join Horde as full corporate entities, or pursue a different path forward altogether.

One thing’s for sure, it’s never boring in Geminate.

Credit for the featured image goes to Qymm Phyton of Pandemic Horde.