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Watch This: Bomber’s Bar Chain-Dropping Goonswarm

November 17, 2018

By Seraph IX Basarab


Bomber’s Bar is one of Eve’s unique peculiarities. It operates under “Not Purple, Shoot It” rules of engagement. Meaning if it’s not in your fleet…kill it. The rules are simple. X up with a Stealth Bomber, join fleet, follow the rules of engagement (unless you yourself are blue with them), and follow fleet commander orders. As someone that was among the first wave of Bomber’s Bar members back in early 2012 when our fleets were 10 Bombers and maybe one or two Recons for support simply gate camping, it’s amazing to see what the group has developed into. Daily organized fleets, hundreds of participants, dropping into the heart of the most defended area of space. If you’re a newer player who isn’t sure where to start, or a bitter vet who might be thinking of leaving the game, or just someone looking to have as much fun as these guys are, join up with them.


Without further ado, enjoy!