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BREAKING NEWS: Double Training Weekend – First Ever!

November 15, 2018

We have seen a lot both inside and outside grow for New Eden, but something we haven’t seen in the 15 years pilots have crossed the stars, Double Training Weekend. “Double Training Weekend?” you maybe asking. In similar fashion to the way CCP Games have give training time to pilots for past interruptions in playability, this weekend you will have the opportunity to login and receive skillpoints!

We’re super happy to announce that as of tomorrow downtime, New Eden will be enjoying its first double training weekend! – CCP Falcon: Senior Community Manager

Double Training Weekend TLDR

New Eden is being gifted with additional skillpoints, accounts can collect up to 100,000 over the course of this weekend.

  • Alpha account, you can log in and claim 25,000 skillpoints twice this weekend.
  • Omega Account, you can log in and claim 50,000 skillpoints twice this weekend.

Be sure to log in over the course of the weekend and claim your skillpoints, they’ll be available through until downtime on November 19th!


Some community members have when reasoning why CCP Games would do this after 15 years of not doing it once, “EVE needs a reason to give me free training time?” However, more knowledgable members point to the “recent” purchase of the company and this being an attempt to show improving daily logins.

Testing Required

Wondering if there is a way to milk both sides of the Double Training Weekend. and if there is a way be sure that an EVE pilot will find it. The idea is base on a post on the EVE Online website, should an Alpha account collect both days, and then sub / upgrade to Omega they would collect a total of 150,000 skill points?

Upgrade to Omega Clone State and receive an extra 50,000 Skill Points per day during this weekend to spend on your skill training! If you upgrade to Omega during the weekend, you can claim the extra Skill Point rewards retroactively! Being Omega will also give you access to the whole skill tree, allowing you to train skills and pilot bigger, better ships such as the Triglavian vessels. – CCP Games


Whether I believe this is Pearl Abyss pulling CCP Games or not, I will be collecting those sweet skillpoints on all of my accounts. For additional information see the forum post. Will you be collecting these free skillpoints, tell us @EVENews24.

Please be aware that skillpoints are issued on an account rather than a character basis, so be sure to log into the character that you’d like to apply the skillpoints to when you redeem them! – CCP Falcon

Will update as more information becomes available.