This year’s EVE Vegas had CCP Rise presented the “Ship & Module Balance Panel”, to showcase what CCP has planned for the Winter Expansion and beyond. While we were informed on the rebalancing Force Auxiliaries and brand new Triglavian ships, we also were shown some exciting new SKINs. Exciting in the fact that they are more advance with their effects not only on the SKIN of the ship, but in the area around the vessel.

Abyssal SKINs

CCP Games was happy to announce three new Abyssal themed SKINs in celebration of the deployment of EVE Online: Onslaught. The three new SKINs are now available for the Gila in the New Eden Store.

  • Abyssal Afterglow (Gamma) – Dark Purple
  • Abyssal Firestorm (Firestorm) – Fire Orange
  • Abyssal Thunderstorm (Electric) – Lightening Bolt Blue

These SKINs are available for 390 PLEX each, or bundled together for 995 PLEX (a 15% discount off their total price).

With these SKINs themed after the environmental effects of Abyssal Deadspace pockets, two variations are missing, Dark and Exotic. The Gila is a very popular ship for running the instanced PVE content and having something new for these players may keep them returning, but what about the Zealot and others?

Get them now before they rotate out of the New Eden Store! – CCP Games

New Triglavian Ships and Thoughts

There are presently zero SKINs for the new Triglavian ships, the ships discovered in the Abyssal Deadspace pockets. I find this interesting as it would feel better to have something cool to drive even more pilots into the instanced PVE, possible PVP content. Like the ability to find or “craft” the Abyssal themed SKINs and just have the New Eden Store as a fast way to acquire the new shiny. Some will point to Pearl Abyss and claim it is their influence pushing EVE into a “Golden Ammo State.” Share your thoughts on these new SKINs and the method to own them.


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