The EVE community has a reputation for being very charitable. EVE Vegas 2018 held, among its other charity driven ventures, a silent action. The silent action raised $7,085, with a single piece of art making up over a third. That piece was Ghost of a Nyx by Razorien, truly a great prize. Stealtooth_Slicewind won the auction for Razorien‘s piece at a final price of $2,500. EVE Vegas collected a total of $15,247 for a noble cause, the Ablegamers Charity.

About AbleGamers

We utilize fun to bring inclusion and improved quality of life for people with disabilities through the power of video games.

Reader and Pilots can help in a number of ways first donating directly. With $0.94 of every dollar directly to gamers in need, Charity Navigator ranks that as one of the best ratios in the world. In comparison American Red Cross is around 89% of each dollar. The AbleGamer charity strives to be transparent and responsible with every purchase made. Secondly, get the word out to friends, family, other gamers.

Razorien – The Artist

A member of the Corporation Signal Cartel and EvE-Scout Enclave Alliance, Razorien has been part of the EVE scene for over 4 years. His talent was evident during his first round of postings in Feb. 2016. EVE has seen a ton of visual updates and enhancement over the years, and Razorien has pushed there limits. Razorien shots aren’t your average screencaps. They’reimages captured, sometimes timely crafted scenes others right place-right time, that he then artfully post-processes and paints in deeper details with an expert’s eye. Ghost of a Nyx is a bit of a departure for his standard work. The collection Code Art (OF C++) is more of a deconstruction, something capsuleers are very fond of doing, of EVE’s favorite ships.


Closing Thoughts

We have been courting Razorien to do an interview since seeing a Flickr post in discord. However, great EVE artist have a ton of demand on their time and with his fame growing with EVE Vegas it maybe even harder. Give his collections a look, he has an amazing eye for unique scenes. Should anyone have the names or images of other Artists, and work please reach out to





  1. C'est Moi

    This is an example of why you do not use auto-correct when writing documents. Spell check is great. Auto-correct is not.

    “The EVE community has a reputation for being very charitable. EVE Vegas 2018 held, among its other charity driven ventures, held a silent action.”

    Should read as:
    “The EVE community has a reputation for being very charitable. EVE Vegas 2018 held, among its other charity driven ventures, a silent auction.”

    October 30, 2018 at 03:27 Reply
  2. Bryan Ward

    Taking nothing away from Raz’s print, but believe it or not there were quite a few other artists and contributors represented in the auction at Eve Vegas. I don’t have all of their names at hand right now, but there were several extremely impressive 3D models including a Widow with neon lights and a spinning radar dish – several colorful drawings, and a digital painting from some unknown low sec Pirate. I just find it extremely disingenuous that media stories like this one fail to mention those and their contribution to the effort.

    October 30, 2018 at 17:43 Reply
  3. Bryan Ward

    • @RixxJavix created “Hot Pursuit” acrylic print
    • @razorieneve created Nyx digital steel print
    • Izalis created 2 watercolors Basilisk and Avatar paintings
    • Nooptao created the unpainted & painted 3D models
    • Chinese player @498745470 created molded Scorpion & Widow models
    • Max Singularity donated the Cassini posters

    The Judge organized the auction and special thanks should go out to all those that donated.

    October 30, 2018 at 23:26 Reply
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