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EN24: The Way Forward – Critical Analysis and Discussion

October 20, 2018

By Seraph IX Basarab

I’ve been writing critique pieces about Eve since 2011. No other MMO has the same type of depth whether in terms of gameplay or history or relationships. In other to stay accurately informed, one needs to be observant of a variety of factors from opposing sides. Most people are content simply with understanding their immediate surroundings and usually through their own faction’s perspective on things. As such when you write critical pieces about different groups, you are likely to encounter these types of people who do not have the mind or inclination to observe things throughout the game from any other vantage point other than what their leadership tells them. People create frames of understanding around their existence and when someone challenges that context they will have a reaction to it. Some people might be open to considering different perspectives while others lash out.


One of the ways to dismiss what I’ve written is simply to call what I write “opinion.” To my own disservice I have echoed this statement with the added sentiment that it was an informed opinion. However this does not quite correct the record because I do not actually write “opinions.” I write analysis. And the difference between the two is worlds apart. For example, someone can say such and such alliance is bad. That’s an opinion. However saying such and such alliance made a mistake by doing such and such action, and these are some possible outcomes of that action based on the following facts, that is analysis. It’s taking of the basic facts and interpreting them from a range of possibilities. It’s not meant to be set in stone. It’s meant to be informative and thought provoking.


Why am I talking about this? Because EN24 is undergoing an evolution. Classically, media has just been there to retell events. Because of things like reddit, doing only that is not providing our readers with anything they don’t already know from there. Someone will post a reddit battle report of who what when where and why within minutes of the fight itself happening. The question then becomes, what is the role of media in Eve? Well that depends on which media outlet you are looking at. Places like INN are propaganda mouth pieces for certain coalitions. And that’s great! Yes, even though I’ve been highly critical of places like INN, I think they enrich our game! NER likewise has done a spectacular job breaking out and quickly becoming a prominent voice in Eve media. They tend to play it safe and rely more on the classic role of media.


EN24 will be much more central and active in challenging narratives, critiquing spin, and analyzing the on goings on Eve to give readers a much more informed perspective. For example, rather than just posting the battle, we need to provide background, analysis, potential results of this conflict. Employing critical thinking and providing the reader something more than just a retelling of events.


We want people who question what alliance leaders, or other publication says. Maybe you’re not one of the people sitting at the “cool kid’s table.” Maybe you were just never the ass kisser type, and you don’t have a vote brigade holding up your ideas. Let’s be honest, reddit is not a place for intellectual discourse. It’s a platform for popularity contests. It’s an emotional battleground, not a logical one. I want EN24 to be the platform for those people who want to challenge authority and question narratives creating good intellectually fulfilling content around the hobby we enjoy. Question things. Be bold. Challenge the status quo and have your voice heard.


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