Saturday, October 6th The Forge system of Uchoshi saw a fairly large conflict, at least for HighSec. Markeedragon, and his Borca Alliance have been wardec’ed and today they oversaw the defense of 5 Upwell structures. 

MarkeeDragon – Twitch

Athanor Station Defense followed by Faction Warfare Fleet – !giveaway – !fits

When asked for comment on the current war Markeedragon stated, “Which one, we have 8?” A quick confirms there are 8 current wardecs, two set to expire today and 9 pending. A list of the wardecing parties is provided below.

Attackers Defenders
outer space pirates Borca Alliance
Borca Alliance 0rphan Tribute
8th Paradise Borca Alliance
Borca Alliance Pierce And Pierce.
P I R A T Borca Alliance
Final Ultimatum Borca Alliance
UNITY PURGED Alliance Borca Alliance

“We are a community of noobs, defending our stations,” Markeedragon stated after the successful defense of a third station on stream.

Conflict Analysis

“Headshots” were the name of the attackers’ game. The first kill of the day was the pilot Markeedragon used to FC the defenses. When he stayed on gird the defense fleet had fairly decent success focusing targets and getting key kills. Between Markeedragon’s ship loses and refits the defense fleet seemed scattered. During the third station defense, the attackers switched to a primary “Headshots” design and Markeedragon’s low ehp fits didn’t help his staying time. The harsh tactic seemed to work for them, as the third station was the only one out of five the defense failed to repair.

Attackers weren’t the only one’s adapting tactics during the conflict. Talking about how neut bumpers are a great tactic as it allows the miners to help with little risk, Markeedragon called on his army of miners to lend some aid. Bumpers managed to push some of a few Leshaks out of range and forcing them to cycle their weapon damage back up. However, the Leshaks present were well tanked and none were lost. The Battle Report can be found here.

The ISK War

While today clearly favored the Defenders, 2.58 bil lost to 5.43 bil for the Attackers. When asked about the ISK side of the war Markeedragon said, “We have lost a station in this war, but we lost it while we were asleep.” Further investigation shows a close race, neither side has a running away lead. Discounting the lost of the Athanor lost without a fight (there were comments about timezone issues) only gives the Attackers a thin lead.


Whether your a Markeedragon fan or not, would you like to watch this? HighSec seems to rarely get this level of conflict and I found it entertaining to watch, even if there were moments when I wanted to point out something the fleet was doing wrong. However, most of us can be guilty of armchair admiraling fights.

The attackers did message Markeedragon requesting 3 billion a month to leave his stations alone. He said no on stream, and was quickly send a new message upping the ransom to 25 billion a month. There was a lot of laughter followed, by another “no”.

Conflict Timeline:

  • 15:05 – The third Station’s defense fails to hold off the attackers.
  • 14:54 – An attacker Golem becomes salvage pushing the ISK war for the day to the defenders.
  • 14:42 – Attackers wrap on grid of the third station.
  • 14:14 – UNITY PURGED Alliance takes a Machariel lose and the second station is repaired.
  • 14:02 – The two side trade more ship loses, with another attacker Nestor falling.
  • 13:57 – Final Ultimatum loses a Nestor to Borca Alliance, bring the ISK war in favor to Markeedragon and defenders.
    13:50 – The defense of a Borca Alliance Mining station has taken its first lose.


  1. PunkRAwk

    How does this make news yet my alliance Shoot First has been involved in 2 fights killing multiple faction supers and titans worth over 1.2trill and it doesn’t make the news?

    October 12, 2018 at 06:59 Reply
    1. Seraph IX Basarab

      Because you didn’t write the article. Write it and send it over.

      October 12, 2018 at 07:52 Reply
    2. Truth

      Supers are boring bro. same shit, different day. Nobody cares about the massive, bloated coalitions or their gay supers… or you.

      October 12, 2018 at 16:28 Reply
    3. Superposition

      Cause Shoot First is not relevant at all and no one cares what pretend elite shit they think they are doing.

      October 14, 2018 at 21:04 Reply
  2. lunchreader

    good to read that, for once it’s not about supers getting down that would eventually get replaced next month with all the fake drama around, this is a fight of good old miners against good evil high sec wardeccers (you can switch the sides if you prefer one over the other), it’s interesting, everyone wants to see the small one winning, it’s always like that. Evaluating if I need to create a corp and join the fight of the poor miners 😉

    October 12, 2018 at 12:14 Reply
  3. Nogunata Stevesan

    Aye, thx for reporting about this! The big game is interesting, no doubt, but the small game is it non the less, especially for those part-time-casual-longterm-on-and-off-EVE-players, like myself.

    And markeedragon seems to becoming his own sort of EVE celebrity due to his streaming, which I think is a cool thing.

    October 12, 2018 at 12:59 Reply
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