OCTOBER 9th, Tuesday: The October Release went live during the 15 minute DownTime. Heads up before you undock your travel-raptor you may want to reship.

Quick List of Changes

  • ECM substantial changed, jammed targets may lock the source of the jam at all times. ECM sources affected by this release ECM Target Jammers (all 4 types), ECM Drones, and NPCs utilizing ECM.
  • Warp Disruption Field Generators have had their  thrust penalty, and mass reduction removed.
  • Interdiction nullification has been removed from Combat Interceptors (Claw, Crusader, Raptor, and Taranis), while the Crow’s Agility reduced to 3.25  from 3.7.
  • The Damavik trades a Low slot (reduced from 4 to 3) for a Mid slot (increased from 2 to 3) after community feedback identified the cause of lower than expected usage.
  • Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache moved from Large Collidable Structure group to Precursor Cache group.
  • The AOE damage on a titan class hull is death removed, which should increase performance.
  • Visual fixes and improvements.

The full October Release patch notes here.

Titan AOE Damage Removal

Pre-patch, upon death of a titan projects a wave of 200,000 damage in a 10 kilometer radius. This damage functions in a similar way to that of a bomb from a stealth bomber. The CSM13 Winter Summit Minutes noted a reminder to remove the AOE damage from titan deaths. CCP Fozzie stated while it feels this could easily be removed, it wasn’t necessarily something that would reduce crashes.

Abyssal Deadspace Runners

Please if you are running Abyssal Deadspace missions, update your overview. Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache has been moved from the Large Collidable Structure group to Precursor Cache group. Meaning if people don’t catch this change, Abyssal Deadspace loot will not appear in the overview, post-patch. Pilots running these sites will need to make sure this box is checked in their overview settings.

Closing Thoughts

While the new ECM has more “counter-play,” solo pvp with ECM bonused ships will be a greater challenge. I haven’t had a chance to test the Agility of the Crow, but I do hope it brings it in line with the other Fleet Interceptors. Fly safe under these changes.

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