Since CCP dangled the golden carrot of faction Fortizars, power blocs have been looking hungrily at the most densely station-populated region in all of Eve: Providence, the homeland of Provi-Bloc. Home of stubborn defenders that have laid claim to the region for over 15 years, people that have outlasted empires and numerous wars throughout the ages. Their wars have made Eve legend and history.

Faction 1: Provi-Bloc

The defenders of Providence have been under siege. They have had over a year of constant warfare followed by a massive invasion of Pandemic Legion the past 5 and half months. The proud warriors of Provi-Bloc fell back mostly to Low Sec while pockets of resistance maintained their presence in Providence.

Currently, a renewed Provi-Bloc has once again launched into their homeland and have taken up the offensive, regaining most of their sovereignty. They are currently basing their new capitol out of ZT. The Southern lands of Providence suffered the least devastation from the Pandemic Hordes, so many of the citadels are still there. From the South, Provi seeks to reclaim their beloved homeland.

Faction 2: Pandemic Legion and their “Valued Allies”

Pandemic Legion and its allies have been able, after 3 and half months, to successfully force the bulk of Provi-Bloc fall back. They had entosised almost every structure in Providence and owned half of the sovereignty. With the invasion of Legacy Coalition alongside the renewed efforts of Provi-Bloc, Pandemic Legion has been in a state of retreat. Not since the grave loss Pandemic Legion and allies suffered while fighting Legacy Coalition in D-G have they attempted a capital battle with the TEST-led coalition.

Pandemic Legion was bolstered by Northern Coalition. (NC.) NC. has recently surrendered to Provi-Bloc, and in return Provi-Bloc allowed NC. to have their Fortizar unanchored unmolested in Misaba. These terms were accepted by NC. leadership, resulting in a major force assisting Pandemic Legion leaving the conflict. NC. was stretched thin by a two-front war, propping up Guardians of the Galaxy against Goonswarm Federation and aiding Pandemic Legion against Provi-Bloc.

Pandemic Legion has currently withdrawn from their staging system in 9UY to Assah after the combined efforts of Legacy and Provi-Bloc launched their own blitzkrieg on Pandemic Legion and its allies. Pandemic legion continues to send skirmisher fleets into Providence.

Purple Helmeted Warriors have been allies of Pandemic Hordes in their efforts. They have long been foes of Provi-Bloc and used the invasion for themselves to claim sovereignty and some of the stations in Providence. They have at their maximum extent taken 3 systems. In the chaos of the recent conflict, they have made inroads to 9UY and set up a POS with an Astrahus to build yet another bridge into Providence.

Honorable Third Party has also performed as allies of the Pandemic Hosts. They have at their highest point taken a system and continue to hold onto their beachhead in Providence and have battled Legacy Coalition head to head with their capital ships, with both sides losing about 7 and half billion ISK in that confrontation alone.

Guardians of the Galaxy initially sent token fleets in the early stages of the war to fight alongside that of the Pandemic Hosts. With the Goonswarm offensive in the north, they have been few and far between. They have not shown up in the big battles as previously seen.

Pandemic Horde has also been absent in the later times of the conflict. They have had their original homeland overrun by Goonswarm and have been the target of reprisal fleets from Provi-Bloc and have been continually harassed by Goonswarm and friends.

Multiple Pirate Groups as well have been flocking to the aid of Pandemic Legion. When Provi-Bloc went into Low Sec they fought the Pirates of Low sec, kicking them out of multiple systems. They have called on the aid of Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition., and they have been seen fighting together on the battlefield.

Faction 3: Legacy Coalition

Legacy Coalition has started its invasion with the purpose of removing Pandemic Legion from Providence and taking the stations at the same time, as well as inflicting some pain on Pandemic Legion in retribution for dropping into Catch region of space to attack their fleets. They have united their forces those with of Provi-Bloc in these efforts. Provi-Bloc accepted the terms of Legacy Coalition taking the stations and have for the most part respected each other in passing and aided one another against Pandemic Legion.

The heart of the fleets entering Providence from Legacy Coalition are from TEST Alliance Please Ignore (shortened as TEST or TAPI:) Brave Newbies, Requiem Eternal, Evictus, Boogeymen, Tactical Supremacy, The Watchman, and many more. The might of Test’s capital fleet has cowed Pandemic Legion in to a full withdrawal back to Assah.

Legacy Coalition deserves a bunch of credit. They have broken one of the most reputable PVP alliances in the game with their deployment to Providence. Originally it had appeared that Pandemic Legion may attempt to conquer some regions in Catch. However, during the early days of the invasion Pandemic Legion with allies lost a fleet in HED-GP. The result of this loss of a major deployment caused them to think twice about invading Catch.

Currently, the forces of Legacy are basing their fleets from ERVK in Catch, with an easy capital umbrella through most of Providence.

Faction 4: Goonswarm Federation

Goonswarm Federation and allies have not been seen in force in Providence since the early days of the war, having sent fleets to aid Provi-Bloc against Pandemic Legion and hosts. In the initial reconquest of Providence, they attempted to station 4 citadels in 9UY, all of which were destroyed. While busy hammering the north, it is unknown if Goonswarm will enter into Providence to claim their own piece of the station pie. Goonswarm scouts have been seen recently making bookmarks on the gates around Providence, which could be a foreshadowing of events to come.

Faction 5: Ushra‘Khan

The most ancient and noble foe of CVA is Ushra‘Khan, whose forces have been trickling into Providence over the last couple of days. 9UY was once a system of importance to the Ushra‘Khan. They built the Station there and lived there as their home system for 4 years. They have been seen moving into 9UY as of late with the written goal of retaking their ancient station. They do not wish to fight anyone but their ancient foe CVA, a saga is as old as the game itself.

Role-play has gone back and force between the forces of Ushra‘Khan and CVA. Already, honor duels have been set and the old enemies will once again clash in space combat in the same region in which epic sagas occurred in the past. CVA and Ushra‘Khan are Eve history’s first true grudge match. They were destined to be rivals from birth, with CVA only 3 days older than that of Ushra‘Khan. They were also Eve Online’s first major conflict pushing Eve canon along with it. Already Provi-Bloc fleets and those of Ushra‘Khan have battled with each other, with Provi-Bloc emerging as the victor.

Ushra‘Khan’s message can be found here.

Faction 6: Spectre Fleet

Spectre Fleet has reared its head once again. Once Pandemic Legion started losing control of the KBP gate, the Pirates of Spectre Fleet returned, even attempting to claim their own Sovereignty. This faction had not been seen since their major fleet was rebuffed by the forces of Provi-Bloc alongside that of Legacy fleets before the Pandemic invasion.

Faction 7: Tactical Supremacy, The Watchmen, and Dangerous Voltage

While Tactical Supremacy and The Watchmen are technically part of Legacy Coalition they deserve a special mention here. They have been fighting the forces of Pandemic legion in the current conflict. however, they have refused to honor the the non-aggression pact between Provi-Bloc and Legacy to focus the fight against Pandemic Legion.

In fact, confirmed incidents have been reported that The Watchmen and Tactical Supremacy have aided Purple Helmeted Warriors against the forces of Provi-Bloc, even going as far as destroying Provi entosising ships.

The Watchmen have been attempting to claim sovereignty in some regions in Providence, the motivations for which are unknown. However, there are many in The Watchmen that are former Provi-Bloc members. Their hatred of their old homeland is noted and it could be a power play into the region.

Tactical Supremacy has a long history of dislike and hostile operations against Providence. Like the Watchmen, Tactical Supremacy boasts numbers of members that are former Provi-Bloc. They are famous for their hatred as well for CVA, with some of their members previously inhabiting the notorious QBL pocket. Their conflicts in PI5 have been ongoing for almost a year.

In the Fog of War, Tactical Supremacy has done what Pandemic Legion never has been able to do. That was to go into QBL pocket and reinforce the citadels there. They stand almost ready to destroy every citadel in the entire pocket by Dread/Super Carrier bombing the defenders there and pushing them aside. The importance of this attack was that it was launched during AUTZ. The defenders of QBL put their citadel timers in Aussie time because that was when Pandemic Legion was weakest.

Unfortunately for the defenders, AUTZ is Tactical Supremacy’s strongest time zone.

The defenders of the QBL pocket are a mystery to most of Provi-Bloc, as they usually kept to themselves. These stubborn defenders of the pocket marked many successes during the war. Unfortunately for the defenders of the pocket Tactical Supremacy knows their tricks and camp locations and have been able to evade traps that are usually placed with deadly efficiency.

Legacy Coalition has been unable to bring to heel their two rogue members. They represent a significant portion of the Aussie time zone for Legacy Coalition, so Legacy Coalition has been walking on thin ice in dealing with the Watchmen and Tactical Supremacy. They are unable to quell their simmering hatred of Providence and therefore are allowed to attack the members of Provi-Bloc and their citadels. While this has caused unease in the alliance of Provi-Bloc and Legacy Coalition, both sides recognize that these two are rogue groups and do not represent the rest of Legacy Coalition.

Tactical Supremacy was reprimanded for dropping alongside Pandemic Legion forces against those of Goonswarm Federation. Initially, it was reported that only one person was doing that. However, killboards showed multiple members of Tactical Supremacy were involved, putting the lie to the claim.

In recent developments, the Watchmen have dropped for Tactical Supremacy on joint Legacy and Provi fleets to kill Provi members in the fleet. They have also killed Brave and Requiem pilots working alongside Provi members against Pandemic Legion and friends. TEST alliance so far continues to reimburse pilots that are being betrayed by these two groups.

As of 5/29/2018, Tactical Supremacy and The Watchmen were written off from the Legacy Campaign for attacking Providence citadels, which means Legacy will allow any Provi or other Legacy members to take their current stations they hold. This effectively gives the green light for Provi-Bloc to fight back against Tactical Supremacy and the Watchmen.

Faction 8: Yokai

Yokai is a new development inside that of Providence. They have attempted to establish a stronghold in TU-O0T. Recently their Athanor was destroyed by the Apocalypse Now-led fleet of Provi-Bloc while both of their fleets fought outside. They have been conducting raids into Providence and it is unknown what motivation these newcomers have in coming to providence and dropping citadels around the region.

Have anything to add or corrections to make? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Kyle

    Like thanks for the effort, but where do you make all that shit up?

    May 31, 2018 at 11:06 Reply
    1. Kyle

      Name one thing that was made up.

      May 31, 2018 at 14:43 Reply
      1. smokeAjoint

        Pandemic Horde has also been absent in the later times of the conflict. They have had their original homeland overrun by Goonswarm and have been the target of reprisal fleets from Provi-Bloc and have been continually harassed by Goonswarm and friends.

        May 31, 2018 at 18:10 Reply
        1. Proviintel

          Where did Pandemic Horde used to live? Provi-Bloc fleets hit them almost every day for the last couple months. On search and destroy missions. That’s how they developed the eagle doctrine from the moa. As well as getting their FCs used to flying the ship. Not to mention the camps going on there. Also look at the goon fleets in Pandemic Horde space. Provi fleets have bumped into them several times as they camped their systems.

          May 31, 2018 at 18:38 Reply
  2. A Simple Merc

    Finally a Article I enjoyed reading on this website ,

    To Kyle , GOOD JOB

    May 31, 2018 at 11:26 Reply
  3. Emperor PooPoo

    Three, maybe four of these entities are in providence. Is it possible you just opened zkill, scrolled down a couple of pages and made shit up?

    May 31, 2018 at 14:24 Reply
    1. Kyle

      Nope, My work allows me to play video games. So I’m online for about 14 hours a day doing most fleets. I also have good relations and talks with all groups in the region minus that of PL and friends.
      Everything written can be backed by interviews, fleet reports, and zkillboard. As well as cross referenced. Most of the information comes from first hand information from the people themselves. If you can name one irregularity please inform me.

      May 31, 2018 at 14:50 Reply
  4. Area Providence Guy

    Nice write-up, some fantastic insight into what’s going on up there.

    May 31, 2018 at 15:23 Reply
    1. Kyle

      Fantastically inaccurate on so many points.

      May 31, 2018 at 18:43 Reply
  5. U'K

    Ushra’Khan is 3 days older than CVA, and the oldest alliance in the game. Please correct your article.

    May 31, 2018 at 15:58 Reply
    1. Kyle

      You are correct. I misread that information from another article. I am going to have that fixed. CVA is the junior not senior by 3 days.

      May 31, 2018 at 18:40 Reply

    LOL TIKLE and their pet TW are backstabbing legacy… What a surprise. Can’t wait to see them replaced by Asians.

    May 31, 2018 at 21:42 Reply
    1. Derry

      Excellent propaganda article. Not accurate but even Mittani would be proud about the twisting of facts. So what really happened is new faction citadels get announced. PL decides easiest place to get hold of extra ones is in Provi and invades(No allies are in this one since its purely an operation for money). Then couple weeks before the Faction Citadel change, Legacy realises they can have some good fights and get stations in provi in just couple weeks instead of months of warfare and makes deal with proviblock. Legacy gets easy fights since its PL alone and they wont risk supers, simply not worth the investment. They instead start having fun fights around provi. Legacy makes very nice move by taking what Pl wanted in just couple weeks and the locals basically hand them over the assets for “kicking PL’s ass”. Now that there is content available, roaming gangs from panfam are also interested and sometimes roam Provi. Although maybe 3 weeks from now, nobody cares about who owns Provi anymore since citadel change is gone. Legacy will pack citadels and move out caps and instead starts also roaming in the area killing everyone. Provi becomes meeting place for everyone to roam and pray for proviblock players and each other. Happy end.

      June 1, 2018 at 02:14 Reply
      1. VoodooDance

        PL wasn’t alone. NC attacked from the South via Misaba.

        June 1, 2018 at 17:31 Reply
        1. RT_EVE

          For a whole 2 weeks back in January.

          June 8, 2018 at 06:56 Reply
  7. The14th

    Pretty easy to tell which faction the author belongs to.

    June 1, 2018 at 04:29 Reply
  8. Destinator

    Please change “test covering providence with their capital umbrella to supercap umbrella” that little typo is annoying as hell since its the only reason test won this deployment

    June 1, 2018 at 08:42 Reply
  9. Filthy Casual

    Uncomfortable read, but accurate.

    Some of the comments are spinning hard in another direction (expected, who wants to be on the side that failed), but spin they are.

    Truth is, until those outposts convert and are unachored / sold, we don’t know who won.

    June 1, 2018 at 18:21 Reply
  10. Edatakimasu

    And more people are joining the conflict all the time, Yokai only showed up there within the last couple weeks, put up 2 structures, and started fighting anyone within arm’s reach, system seems like bloody real estate, which is always valuable.

    June 2, 2018 at 05:03 Reply
  11. U‘K grunt

    Grrrr … normally I would never congratulate and thank a slaver and religious fanatic for something he has written as he can only spread lies an bigottry. But this is a really fine article that gives a nice overview of current events … Ok, now I have to challange you to a duel!

    June 2, 2018 at 09:13 Reply
  12. Arenta A Tano

    pandemic horde: “They have had their original homeland overrun by Goonswarm”

    excuse me what? overrun bullshit. they moved to Geminate. after bashing goon’s face in at the keepstar battle. goons didn’t overrun shit.

    June 3, 2018 at 03:51 Reply
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  16. outsider

    Author is too biased towards one side, you can literally feel it in text of all provi related work. For me, a neutral player living far from provi, taking this text seriously is impossible. Too bad we have CNN news in eve too.

    July 5, 2018 at 08:27 Reply
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