(The Author of this article is an active member of Provi-Bloc that has been involved in the struggle to liberate his homeland. Any views expressed here is that of the author and not the corporation, Alliance, coalition, or that of Evenews24)

It has been roughly 5 and half months since the conflict in Providence first began. The forces of Pandemic Legion alongside their allies Northern Coalition., Purple Helmeted Warriors, Pandemic Horde, Honorable Third Party, and the hosts from GOTG started the invasion of Providence. Despite the overwhelming odds and despite the fire power being so one sided the underdog of Provi-Bloc refused to yield. They fought tooth and nail for three and a half months before issuing the general fallback from Providence.

Despite the conventional forces of Provi-Bloc being pulled out of the conflict the unconventional forces maintained a presence in the region, whittling away at Sovereignty. Much credit is deserved to Care Factor, Apocalypse Now, COGG, and Coalicion Hispania for this. The neutrals that Provi-Bloc once protected have stepped up as well creating Puffin Fleets. Fleets for all people to fly into Provi and engage the oppressors. After 5 and half months of conflict over half of Providence had the dark banner of Pandemic Legion. As well as this Pandemic legion controlled all but 1 station in Providence. The QBL pocket was one of the few remaining bastions of resistance staged inside Providence. Coalition Hispania fought bitterly to wrestle away the System and the Station away from Pandemic Legion.

From Kherem Provi-Bloc rebuilt. They did this by keeping true to their codes and traditions whilst attacking the pirates in Low Sec. The brutal conflict with Pandemic Legion made the battle experienced pilots of Provi able to efficiently handle the groups in Low Sec. Once the pirate Athanors were destroyed they replaced it with their own. Their industrialists and miners then started rebuilding. PVP teams began to launch attacks on the Pirates and even going over 25 jumps to the North to burn the homeland of their bitter enemies as they burned theirs.
Pandemic Legion boasted about a rental program in Providence. It could be considered either trolling or an actual attempt to attract renters into the systems for their own gain. Pandemic Legion thought this clever attempt at making fun of a beleaguered coalition would be funny. It only angered them further. Providence launched an attack against Northern Coalition staging systems in Low Sec taking down their shield timers and putting several of them into their structure timer.

Equinox Daedalus, the Alliance Leader of Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), saw the sudden shift of morale and numbers so announced that the time to reclaim Providence had now come. The first fleet alone contested 18 different Ihubs and stations. Fleets became a constant and near 24 hour effort to take back every system and fight for every node.

At this same time Progodlegend announced that Legacy Coalition was launching its own invasion of Providence to push Pandemic Legion out.

After seeing the smoke on the horizon Northern Coalition sued for peace with Provi-Bloc. In exchange for leaving Providence and the conflict NC. would be allowed to pull up some of their Citadels. When asked why they were not destroying them all as the momentum of the conflict has finally swung towards the defenders, Provi leadership said “It was the gentlemanly thing to do.” Such is the cultural difference between these foes. Provi-Bloc respected NC. for changing fleets to match Providence’s fleets to get good fights. NC. was not as gentlemanly when dealing with the Providence refugees when they were escaping Providence through the R3 gate into Misaba. These refugees were mercilessly hounded and destroyed much to the amusement and laughter in local. While this deal seems to be an honorable deal to Northern Coalition no such offer was asked from Pandemic Legion nor was Provi-bloc willing to give such an offer.
Provi-Bloc has changed its doctrines since the early stages of the war. In the beginning fleets of Ferox Battlecruisers met the enemy. This doctrine is no more. They have now changed their doctrines to those tested on the homeland of their enemies and proven over the months in exile in Kherem. Now Providence can field fleets of Macherial battleships with Capitals in support. The Future Providence will boast Capital fleets which is necessary in major conflicts in EVE.

On the 18th May the final blow was rung against Pandemic Legion. Legacy coalition alongside Provi-Bloc launched a region wide offensive for all the final timers of citadels in the hands of Pandemic Legion. They successfully destroyed the main Azbel as well as the staging Fortizar in 9UY. Before the event Pandemic Legion was seen jumping capital ships from the region in a mass retreat.

Legacy Coalition, the heroes of the moment, also have their own agenda. While Providence pilots welcomed the help with open arms and cheered them in local Legacy is asking a steep price. They want to own ALL of the Stations. While some see this as a betrayal, none feel it more than Coalition Hispania. They controlled the only Station left in Provi-Bloc hands. Nobody could have predicted the lightning change of Sovereignty in Providence or the immediate retreat of Pandemic Legion. In the 5 and half months of conflict Pandemic Legion controlled little over half of Providence but stalled in destroying Providence structures. In five days everything that Pandemic Legion accomplished was wiped away as Sovereignty has returned to Provi-Bloc. The only thing that Pandemic Legion carries away from Provi is the 1.4-1.5 Trillion ISK bill for the invasion.


  1. RK

    Excellent note,
    This is how things really happened
    and I wanted to add that, the members of L’AGENCE were also at the front.

    May 26, 2018 at 17:22 Reply
  2. Bagdo

    Thanks for the note and all who gave us their support in these hard times, it still is not over and we will continue at the end.

    May 26, 2018 at 17:55 Reply
  3. ZestyBoi01

    What a load of hot vomit.

    Provi Bloc did nothing but splinter, sell out or jump out.

    The only reason you have anything to come back too is because the legacy umbrella is there.

    Without it you’re glorified LS Whiteknights

    Why don’t you give HS moon mining a go? I’ve heard it’s NRDS as well

    May 26, 2018 at 23:36 Reply
    1. PROV4vr

      STFU! GTFO! That’s all you have, you just swallowed that hot load and chewed it back.. provi lives and that’s all you have to say. PL splintered more quickly than provi ever did!

      May 27, 2018 at 06:44 Reply
      1. JustanotherProvitoon

        its kinda true, PL flipped provi in 3.5months with the protection of the NC. umbrella

        Provibloc flipped it back in one week with the protection of the legacy umbrella,

        difference is provibloc was willing to commit faster and sweep the board, provibloc put more fight up when being hilariously outgunned, provibloc is actually clearing out red structures for full eviction,,

        if a 3rd tier coalition of 3rd tier alliances is doing a more efficiant job and commiting more effort than a top tier coalition of top tier alliances you have to wonder is should we rerename it NCFam

        May 27, 2018 at 12:34 Reply
    2. Lord Megatron

      Salty boi is very salty.

      May 27, 2018 at 20:36 Reply
  4. Steve Scott

    The heroes of the day are the small alliances in ProviBloc. While CVA was licking its wounds in Kheram, Coalition Hispana and Care Factor stayed. They, along with Apocalypse Now and Central Omni Galactic Group were willing to out-grind PL and NC in the entosis war, while CVA was like “fly entosis if you want. We are going to wait it out.” CVA may have the numbers, but Care Factor, Puffin Squad, and Coalition Hispana and the small alliances have heart.

    May 28, 2018 at 05:17 Reply
  5. waicheun

    cva always used everyone as their bufferzone alliances while they ”lead” and take credit. why you think the staging was lazy in cva space…while the front was far…why did the staging have the highest taxation of them all but cva barely ever showed up to defend the front door. ”add more why” anyways credit to those who stayed loyal to their slave overlord…tho ill admit,,pandemic legion is no longer…the pl i knew from 5-10 years ago…they are now simply mediocre at best and simply cannot compete with the new eve meta.

    anyways i am sure cva will retake provi after legacy cleans the region of stations…and the same old ”nrds” system will get aplied and pl willj ust continue talking ”we won that thing” some way.

    May 28, 2018 at 12:07 Reply
  6. Paul

    Spending, money, ships and it’s own members gametime, just to gift all stations to their most hated enemies…..

    Pandemic Laughingstock. The joke of EVE.

    May 29, 2018 at 13:07 Reply
  7. Watchdog

    After the garbage PL has given nearly the entire rest of the EVE community for years now, a humiliating death is the very least they deserve.

    I also can’t believe NC. still has members for that matter. I guess living on the renter’s fat must be really good. After their lack-luster performance in the south (in general – not just provi) I’d be embarrassed to have the alliance tag by my name.

    May 29, 2018 at 16:48 Reply
  8. Get your facts straight! Provi bloc was evicted by Panfam with help of NC.
    What doea GOTG have to do with conflicts?

    May 30, 2018 at 23:10 Reply

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