As the pressure of a busy spring begins to fade, and I am finally recovered from two weekends in a row camping in the woods with hordes of crazy kids and not enough blankets (I swear, I slept so poorly I swear my face felt like it was melting last Sunday), my interest in the upcoming Into the Abyss expansion for EVE grows.

I’m glad that CCP is looking closely at the effects of mutaplasimds on potentionally overpowered modules, but I still have concerns that large coalitions will weaponize statistics to overcome the randomness. Call me cautiously optimistic on that point.

I’m looking forward to diving into Abyssal space and trying it out, the design decision to limit it to cruisers only is a good idea as it makes it easier to balance the content against a single class of ships rather than all battleships, strategic crusiers, HACs, Mauraders, etc.

On the industrial side, I might look into becoming a builder of the new Triglavian ships if the build requirements are not too crazy and getting the BPCs frequently enough is possible. Might need another Raitaru for ship production!

Speaking of the industrial side of things, the 6th month May audit is coming up in the last week of May. I’m currently building a Fortizar as a test experiment with an eye into finding someway to secure a Fortizar BPO in the future. Have to keep dreaming.

See you in the Abyss!

– Kirith Kodachi

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  1. Rand

    Tried a couple of the sites on the testserver. Those Abyss sites are tricky. For sure not a casual in between snack. You never know what to expect, everything in there from drones, to sleepers, to triglavians in all sorts of sizes and amounts, like jumping into low-sec and being caught on the other side. Did not have time yet to catalogue if there is a specific set of enemies related to a specific type of environmental effect or tier in order to prepare better. I’m really looking forward to see how fast players will get hold of it to get loot out of higher than tier 1 abyss locations without getting blown up in their faction/pirate/tech2 cruisers

    May 22, 2018 at 14:47 Reply

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