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The Mindset of a Player

May 18, 2018

Have you ever noticed the large numbers of military people that play EVE Online? Or the seemingly high numbers of people with IT backgrounds? As a military Vet myself I have always been pleasantly surprised by the number of fellow military men and woman that play the game. Then after over a year of playing the game I realised this was not coincidental that I kept seeing fellow military people in the game. EVE Online clearly attracts people with a certain mindset.

CCP has even declared that they are seeking players that are capable of solving complex problems. Which is why men and woman with IT backgrounds find EVE appealing just as Military members that are trained to adapt and overcome multiple different obstacles. EVE online takes discipline and patience to play. It isn’t a quick grind to level up characters but a slow and steady race.

Before the creation of skill injectors players had to wait for skills to level up. For many players we still do this today which requires a tremendous amounts of patience. Patience that transcends just waiting for skills to level. Patience is required for when to cloak or de-cloak on a target. Patience is needed to warp to target or retreat. This all requires discipline.

Players have to discipline themselves to always check Intel channels if they are ratting or mining or when they are setting up ambushes. Discipline is required in fleets to allow the alpha strikes to be so much more effective. It is the personal discipline of pilots to stay anchored to the Fleet Commander instead of drifting away to only be targeted easier by the enemy.

Age appears to be another factor as the average EVE player seems to be an older gentlemen or lady. Not the average middle schooler that hits buttons and sees shiny lights on the screen. They are able to solve problems and quickly verse with groups from around the world. How else could people from all over the globe be able to swiftly communicate with each other without the educated older players adapt at translations and people skills to pull this off.

It takes a mature group of individuals as well to organise fleets, ship doctrines, Alliances and Coalitions between thousands of players if not tens of thousands. No other game on earth can claim the unique complexity and steep learning curve that EVE Online presents to the average gamer.

So now reader try talking to your fellow corp mates and see truly how many IT and Military guys you have in your midst. You may be more surprised than I was when I first started down that path.

Featured image credit: Razorien