EVE Online has officially turned 15! Over those years, the game has changed, evolved and adapted to the steadily growing community dedicated to this unique MMO and the world of New Eden. Today, on this special episode of The Panic Podcast, we go through our experiences with EVE, highlight a few key events that have shaped the game and look to the future of this incredible game and wonder what kind of universe we will be fighting in 5 years from now.

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1:30 Fanfest 2018
4:14 Into the Abyss & Triglavians
16:51 Future of Citadels, Logi Killmails
23:36 Frustration with Faxes
25:35 The Praxis
28:10 EVE’s 15th Birthday
39:16 First Losses & Mistakes
47:30 Steve the Titan
51:48 Band of Brothers
1:00:54 CO2 Betrayal
1:05:13 The Bloodbath of B-R
1:17:03 World War Bee
1:21:54 Content & Content Creators
1:39:46 Clear Skies & Clarion Call
1:43:05 EVE Into the Second Decade Predictions
1:51:19 2018 Predictions
1:55:05 Shout-Outs
1:56:22 Local Man Reads Mean Comments


  1. coach

    hey i would like a little bit more clarification. why are faxes so broken?

    May 10, 2018 at 07:20 Reply
    1. Hello. Eugene Spencer from the Podcast. FAXes have been discussed in earlier episodes of the Panic Podcast – you can check them out for more details. To summarize though, folks seem to think they are over-powered when it comes to repping subcaps. I can see their point; a single fax can easily do the job of a squad of Guardians. You are of course risking a capital ship, but it’s not as if FAXes are overly expensive. I think most people we’ve had on the podcast agree that they should be nerfed, at least for supporting subcaps. If they’re going to do that, I’d like to see FAXes have new abilities, like repping structures.

      Thanks for listening!

      May 10, 2018 at 12:14 Reply
      1. coach

        Thank you that was very informative ill check up podcast.

        May 10, 2018 at 19:17 Reply

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