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Kenshin Corp Meeting Leak; Tone Positive

April 20, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a wormhole, you’ll have heard that Kenshin suffered a serious theft yesterday. Kenshin is a major PVP corporation in DARKNESS. alliance, and a key element of the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition.

This morning, their leader, Vlade Randal, held a corp meeting. The link is below but in summary, he said that:

  • Kenshin’s greatest assets are not ISK, they are the players.
  • This has not weakened Kenshin’s resolve – it has, in fact, strengthened it.
  • Kenshin is canceling all corp goals, to focus on killing Goons.
  • Kenshin is at no risk of dissolving.

You can listen to the full sound-cloud here:


The exact cost of the heist is currently unknown. The generalities, however, are not. Significant losses include 1 in-build Keepstar and two in-space Fortizars. The hit to ISK reserves is serious but manageable due to the moon drilling platforms that Kenshin still has.

However, there is a larger issue. Both Fortizars handed over to Goonswarm will likely be used to stage attacks against PVEers in Deklein. Given their important position near key krabbing grounds, this may increase GOTG losses. Therefore, they will have to be destroyed.

This gives the Imperium the opportunity to anchor structures in the vulnerability window of the Fortizars. That could lead to a significant expansion of Imperium influence throughout Deklein.


Featured image credit: Razorien