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A Blessing from his Holiness the Space Pope Max Singularity the First at EVE Fanfest 2018

April 17, 2018

The question of how Eve has avoided cosplayfication is an interesting one, which has numerous explanations. Is it one thing to dress up as a favorite character in a movie and series and quite another to do so with a character you essentially develop yourself in a game? Halo fanatics don’t think so. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the highsec missions in which the racial lore narratives figure prominently often become a distant memory for players who join this or that nullsec alliance. The trend towards multiboxing as a player progresses through the game might make it difficult to choose which one to role play.

However, developing a lore built around a character can be good for a laugh or two, but could also help Eve player corporations in shaping a shared identity and even aid in recruitment.

An Amarr character, Max Singularity, who acquired the moniker the “Space Pope” after appearing at an Eve community event some years ago in reverend’s garb has taken the mantle of Amarr lore into his alliance, Sixth Empire. A lighter side is long overdue for this race as the Amarr have a pretty bleak (even by Eve standards) backstory consisting mainly of generations of slave-taking, forced religious conversions, and trying to armor tank the Jovians while attempting to convert them to the one true faith.

The space pope is of keen interest to many players and a regular fixture of EVE community events. Perhaps it is because of his fascinating backstory and a real-life job at NASA that EN24 did an interview with him as far back as 2015, though his costume has since grown in splendor, as has his entourage.

Upon learning that his Holiness would be officiating an Amarr wedding, this author spoke with him, attended as usual by a member of his entourage.


And yes, as any good Amarr pilot would, this author bent the knee to receive his blessing. When speaking about his in-game activities, his Holiness’ eyes shone with a fire worthy of a servant of the Amarr Empire who was once addressed directly by recently deceased Amarr Empress Jamyl Sarum. Yet, he adopted a more tender tone when speaking about his efforts in preventing suicides among eve players via the “broadcast for reps” phenomenon. The wedding ceremony, which despite the fact that much of the party at times was visibly struggling to keep a straight face, was a very nice example of how two players forged a bond of love in the crucible that is eve. Whether or not there was a grain of truth in the backstory of a Gallente who chased down a super-rare implant to become genetically Amarr and then become adopted into Max Singularity’s alliance, Sixth Empire, in order to meet the requirements to be with his love we leave up to the reader to decide. On behalf of the EN24 team, we wish the couple the very best as they embark on a long and happy life together.

Photos courtesy of Sebastian Fisscher of eve.pics