A ‘IRL’ crises kept me away from the game for a while and on my first foray after getting settled I went on a fleet with an experimental doctrine & method that yielded a ‘super’ and a carrier kill.

What can one say?

The primary victim was a ‘Goon’ Super Pilot Maximus Joe, whose ratting session we quite rudely interrupted. There was some debate as to whether to target the Hel or the Archon (which in spite of all logic to the contrary landed on grid nearby), but once it became apparent that the Hel Super-Carrier was not active-tanked, our FC made the right call and focused the fleets fire on it.

It was very close. A pair of ‘Minikowa’ Class Force Auxiliaries¬† arrived on grid but were trapped in drag bubbles 100k off the carriers and as such were unable to help there tackled comrades. The Force Auxiliaries managed to warp off the field and escape.

Unfortunately the Archon piloted by Berserker Willow and the Hel remained bubbled and fell to the GOTG fleet in short order.

Ah, it’s nice to be back. And certainly no better way to expand one’s Exotic Dancer collection than from the shattered wreck that was your target.


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