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Quick Tip: Three Chat Tricks I wish I knew sooner…

February 22, 2018

If you are like me, you must own several alts and have several staging systems and locations you will need to travel to fairly frequently. Now, you can both write the system name, right-click it and auto link it or you can also use the People and Places function to search for the system link. Now, here’s an easy alternative; create a private channel and edit the Message of the Day (MOTD) for it to contain several linked stations:

First, we create the Channel:

And edit the channel settings and add your most frequently traveled locations to the MOTD:

In my case, I travel Misaba, Jita and Tribute quite often:

Now invite your alts to the created channel:

And you are pretty much set:

This provides you a centralized way to quickly access your most frequented destinations regardless of character, alliance, standings, etc. You can, of course, password protect said channel.

I do a lot of market trading too, which require me to do quick price checks using alts, it works wonders for this too:

And there you have it, three chat window tricks everybody should make use of.

Fly safe!