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It feels like summer all over again. Once again, the Goons contaminate a certain space with dozens of structures to get up to their typical cancerous mischief. Once again, Delve Burns. Once again they rage ping urgent forms. Yet, unlike the titanic battles for Hakonnen where even I must admit serious attempts were made to defend structures despite unfavorable odds, most assets targeted thus far while have been left to their fate…. three times in a single day as our latest entry as Northern paparazzi aspirant amply demonstrates.

We took FC Mira Moonchild , formerly Wetrain , aside after he led us on the merry trip to our dear neighbors PH between 3 such Goon no-shows, for a few words on the (crumbling?) state of Goon assets in ROIR-Y, and the subtle joys of occasionally murdering your neighbors when the wolf at the door decides to cower in his den instead.

TY: : So you have been leading roaming fleets for awhile now. What got you interested in it?
Mira Moonchild – I had played for 10 years eve. then took a 5 yr break, once a FC, always a FC

TY: – Indeed. Your Corp is Mainly Romanian Players, correct?

Mira Moonchild: Romanian, but not quite, its about 50% 50%, that’s what got me interested in it. Very skilled individuals, good to have them close

TY: And there’s some interesting history there, but first, about the roam. Most FC’s wouldn’t dare undock any ships bigger than interceptors without logistics support… But you just went for it, when would you say that’s a fair play to make?

Mira Moonchild – Most of the FCs constrain themselves, battles need to be picked, you never know what is going to happen when you take a fleet out, unless its a timer. I prefer roams cause they are more exciting 🙂 kill first, ask questions later!

TY: Q3. You are definitely very animated on comms… Which is fine. Has your style ever caused you any issues with pilots?
Mira Moonchild – animated as in living the game ? I am just enjoying the game as all players should mate

TY: – No, I meant you bring a lot of energy, lol.
Mira Moonchild – I don’t know how i sound on the other end. I just do my part

TY: Ok. So, moving back to the history bit, you and your corp joined GOTG after the collapse of CO2?
Mira Moonchild – I was in Romania Renegades for 1.5 months they were in C02
I have just joined UWAR cause of some issues with the leadership of RR UWAR is sexy and they are all oldschool players. I have 3 months back in eve after a 5 yr period as I said
TY: – Thanks for clearing that up. Care to share your original char name?

Or is it FC;ing for goons?
Mira Moonchild – WETRAIN

TY: – Quite the career there indeed….
Mira Moonchild – you can see there where i have been. I was part of ORIGINAL TRI FCs
I ran Phallanx alliace. I ran RUST as a corp

TY: – A very impressive career. So, plenty has changed in EVE, could you name 2 things that haven’t really changed?
Mira Moonchild – Everyone wants to rule the universe that’s # 1….and nothing lasts forever in eve

TY: –  Speaking of things that won’t last forever, that roam was sandwiched between 3 uncontested Goon structure timers, what do you have to say about their future  in pure blind?
Mira Moonchild – Goons and TEST are going to bring it.

TY: – Well, it’s what they’ve been saying they’ll do, yet their record of defending structures lately is… pretty shit isn’t it?
Mira Moonchild – its not all of them, its probably 5% of them tops 10%

TY: – But the other 90% are miners though….
Mira Moonchild – I mean… their force is big, we saw nothing yet

 Final Thoughts

Blueballing as a tactic is as old as EVE itself and many strategic talking heads swear by its morale-eroding effects… they tend to disregard the fact that DE-BALLING can only be that much more effective. Where I capable of pity for the Goon, it would have been several hours after the production of today’s video when about 200 of them where bubbled within the ROIR-Y NPC station whilst literally every Single available anchoring spot by a moon in system had a friendly titan reinforcing, killing or anchoring  structures…. Let no infestation go unpunished, though we

Why Not Undock Indeed?

all shall surely get to have a chuckle at the next nauseating spin Mittens puts on over his team’s latest set of No-Shows and non-performances.

It’s a merry laugh as far as we’re concerned. Goons look as pitiful as ever when venturing out of their own wretched corner of the eveverse. The Goon bases are dying  and padding the killboards of all concerned. True, an all-out assault could challenge the defenders of the north, yet whether the Goon’s hold on Delve could survive being as emptied as it was last August a 2nd time remains to be seen.

A short-term reckoning  comes in a few days when the final 5 Goon & co assets near ROIR-Y come up for final timers… or will they never have wanted them anyway?


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