What should a high-level executive in a warring alliance do when he finds himself at odds with the other leadership? If you ask some folks, the answer is taking a bunch of isk and get out of Dodge. That’s exactly what happened today as Cpt Patrick Archer, of the Triumvirate. corporation Quam Singulari wrote a goodbye letter detailing exactly why he was leaving and what he plans to do with the currently undisclosed amount of isk he’s taking with him.

According to this Pastebin, we’ll see him soon commanding fleets for Northern Coalition. and helping his beloved QUAM refugees get into doctrine ships, should they make the move with him. These are interesting times indeed. While this is not quite a Judge-level move, but it is similar enough to draw the comparison. Here is an excerpt:

I have spent 3 years of my life building this alliance from a failed drone pet under XIX, to one of the strongest alliances in the game, if not the strongest for its size. 2 of those years were pretty much a fulltime job. Obviously it wasn’t a one-man job, but no one can deny I was a big part of it. After all that, they just removed me, listend to some no-name and some afk dude. That trust is broken, and it cannot be repaired. So at that point what is it all worth if I do stay around? Knowing the Sword of Damocles is literally swinging there, every time some guy pokes Warran and Garst with a somewhat reasonable story.

There it is, a short story long. I have made up my mind, I am leaving TRI effective immediately. My new home will be Northern Coalition. After 3 years I do not have the energy to build a new corp again, especially with my real life so busy. Obviously, my passion for FCing and playing to win will not fade. I will FC in NC and hopefully have many drunk nights talking on TS, although I think they use mumble which almost makes me puke.

Now I can see you think, where will the ISK go Pat. Are you stealing it in the end after all? While I’m very aware this is the most Judge way of saying this, but I promise you it is the truth. The ISK belongs to the members, the people that put in effort to build the corp to what it is and fought all those years to keep it. Not some AFK retirement club or some overly eager new guy. So the way I will give back to the people that deserve it, is as follows: Everyone that wants to come with me and enjoy Eve in NC. will get my help to switch from a shield super to an armor one, and if you meet the requirements of the corp you will also get my vouch. It may not be the best way to do it, but the ISK will never end up in those traitor’s hands. They can be commander in chief of their very own: dead corporation.

I hope for nothing more than everyone in QUAM to find a good place, either with me in NC. or in any of the other corps in TRI. There are many which are great and will gladly have you guys. But please do not stay with the sons of bitches that threw me under the bus after everything I did.

Hours after the initial draft of this report, Tri leadership chimed in about the incident with another Pastebin, saying effectively that everything was fine and going to continue to be fine:

Triumvirate is going to be okay.

What happened between Pat and Quam is unfortunate, it was awful timing, and it ruined relationships that had been built over years. There are a ton of lessons that leaders in this game can learn from what happened in that corp, but I don’t think this is the arena to make posts about it. I am not in Quam, I only have relationships with the leaders within the corp, and it is not on me to weigh in on what happened. What Garst and I did, however, was completely different.

Mikeh, Kodiz, and Afrohorse approached me with concerns that Patrick had essentially drained Quam of all of its isk. For years, Patrick was the only director in Quam. He had complete control over a corporation created in 2003 by a guy that has been playing EVE since the beta release. Pat went afk recently for a new job and had stopped FCing and stopped logging in. This caused Mikeh to promote a new director (Kodiz who was in Quam previously in 2008 and an old friend) who promptly did an audit of corp funds. He found that there weren’t any corp funds, and over a few days realized everything was on personal Pat alts. He brought this up to us, and we discussed it for days. However, their concerns about Pat’s embezzlement and his dishonesty raised our own concerns between myself and Garst. We decided, last night, to take Pat’s director roles in the TRI holding corp and confront Pat about what happened. The decision was a preemptive safety measure to protect the alliance in the event of an emotional reaction or in the event that he lashed out from having his roles in Quam removed. Pat honestly agreed with this decision, and stated he would have done the same thing if he were in our shoes. It created a time out where we could all get together and talk about what was going on in Quam, what had happened to the corp’s isk, and move forward from there. I have told pat time and time again that there is no love lost between Garst, Patrick, and Myself and that things can move forward separated from the Quam drama. It created a buffer in the event that there were deeper issues I was not aware of. Unfortunately, that was the case.

Understandably, Patrick is emotional about this and hurt that he had lost relationships with guys he spent a lot of time with in game. I believe this decision was made quickly, emotionally, and irrationally. I think that Pat should have taken some time to think about what he should do in this situation, but instead made a rash and hurried move to leave and make a public statement on the way out. Protecting this alliance comes before anything else, and Pat understands that. He feels as though the trust has been violated despite me telling him it has not. He feels hurt that his credibility was questioned despite not providing ways to maintain his credibility in his own corporation. Pat could have survived here, he could have made another corp and stayed, he could have stayed as alliance leadership, he could have remained a friend and ally of Triumvirate, but he decided today that he did not want that.

I know this is a shock to many of you, and I know this may be concerning moving forward. I am telling you that things are going to be ok. Garst, Fred, and I have run this alliance over the past two months as Pat got his new job and went more and more afk. Things will continue to run without Pat, although I did lose a good friend in this game today. TRI lost a leader and a great FC. I wish that hadn’t happened.

Is it curtains for QUAM? Will this end the war with Drone Regions Federation or simply change the game a bit? Only time will tell!

This has been Moon Moon Burdy for EveNews24.


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