Earlier today we received a notice from Audrey Alistar about a recruitment and promotion public fleet being held in a few days by LUMPY for their End of the Year Brawl. The information given to us is as follows:


First and most importantly, the event primarily focuses on the German community of EVE Capsuleers which means fleet comms on TeamSpeak will be in spoken German. Yes, this means you will probably need to be halfway fluent in the language to keep up with their FC.

The fleet will be on December 17 at 19:00 EVE time so mark your calendars and set your alarms to join in. The fleet is following a battleship doctrine set up, but appropriate ships are available via contract at the form up station in Misaba or you can bring your own ship to fly. Those interested can register through this google form and anyone with questions is encouraged to join the appropriate discord channel to get answers.


The plan as explained is to keep going until there are absolutely no ships left to fly and a fight is guaranteed, so get ready for a lovely brawl.


Have fun out there, Capsuleers, and happy hunting o7





Popo is a jack of all trades dabbling in everything from industry to mercenary work with a ‘Die Standing’ mentality. He can be found in Derelik when in highsec or more often down in null with his corp mates, usually under one name or another. Preferred contact method is in-game mail to Monique Chevalier of DNS-Requiem [DNS-R].

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