The death of a super is always a solid blow. To the victim, the blow hits soundly in the wallet and pride. To the victors, it gives a nice injection of green to the killboard and another killmark etched onto the hull. At first, the Nyx lost by capsuleer Lana Vyvorant seems like any other loss, but a second glance shows that the killmail landed right on the front page of zKillboard even two days later.

The, approximately, 32 billion ISK Supercarrier showed up on the front of zKill on December 5th and easily landed on the site’s most valuable kill list. At first, it seems to be a standard travel-fit Nyx loss, but a pair of quick inquiries gave the background on the actual story.

The Nyx pilot, Lana, was contacted and explained his side of the fight in voice chat over Team Speak. He’d logged off earlier to bleed off some timers after jumping in the system, certain in his bookmark’s safety. Logging on later to complete the journey, he was greeted with a welcoming party that immediately bubbled him as he loaded grid. In moments, cynos were lit and NullSechnaya Sholupen appeared, ultimately destroying Lana’s Nyx and capsule. When asked for commentary on the aftermath of the fight, only this statement was given:

“We’re rearranging our jump routes and tightening up security. We’re not worried; everything lost will be replaced once we get to our home system.”

An inquiry was also sent to NullSechnaya Sholupen for their side of the fight. Para Antollare, a member of Girls Lie But Zkill Doesn’t, responded only with the following:


Propaganda aside, it seems that they happened to be in the right place at the right time in the end to land a Nyx killmail. Congratulations to Nullsechnaya for making it onto zKill’s most valuable kills for the week!

Popo is a jack of all trades dabbling in everything from industry to mercenary work with a ‘Die Standing’ mentality. He can be found in Derelik when in highsec or more often down in null with his corp mates, usually under one name or another. Preferred contact method is in-game mail to Monique Chevalier of DNS-Requiem [DNS-R].

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