Patch notes for Arms Race release 1.0
Released on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Features & Changes

Clone States:

  • Greatly expanded the Alpha Skill Set. Over 20 million total skill points available, including:

    • Battlecruisers
    • Battleships
    • Tech II small and medium weapons
    • Cross training to all factions available
  • Full list of added skills available in this dev blog
  • Free skill training now ends when Alphas reach 5 million total skill points

    • This included skill points in your unallocated pool
  • Added Daily Alpha Injector, a new training option for Alphas

    • Immediately injects 50,000 skill points into unallocated pool
    • May only be used by Alphas
    • May only be used once per day, per character
    • Can be purchased from the NES, directly from, and can be traded on the in-game market


  • If a character's medical clone is set to a structure/station where he is unable to access the clone bay (due to permissions or clone service being offline) then when that medical clone is activated he will now awaken in his School Headquarters, instead of his current corporation's HQ station.
  • Corporate Saved Locations can no longer be dragged between folders if the pilot does not have the Communications Officer role.
  • Following on from the reductions in isotope volume and moon material volume released in Lifeblood last month, several changes have been made with the intention of increasing the economic friction associated with capital ship deployments and jump freighter hauling, stimulating the ice product markets, improving the balance of ice product consumption, facilitating the easier trade of high value reacted intermediate materials for T2 production and somewhat reducing the pain that can be caused by heavy jump drive usage and high stacked jump fatigue values. The changes are as follows:

    • Jump Drives:

      • +56% fuel use by Black Ops Battleships
      • +100% fuel use by other ship-based jump drives
      • Reduction of the maximum jump fatigue cap by 20%
      • Further reduction in isotope volume by 40% (to 0.03m3)
      • +20% increase in jump freighter fuel bay volumes
    • Fuel Blocks

      • Doubling the amount of liquid ozone required to build all four block types (from 167 to 350 per batch)
      • Small tweaks to the heavy water and isotope consumption as well primarily to round off the numbers and make math easier for people (167 -> 170 water and 444 -> 450 isotopes)
      • 80% reduction in the volume of all non-alchemy T2 intermediate materials (everything other than the “unrefined” stuff)
      • T2 intermediate materials
    • T2 intermediate materials

      • 80% reduction in the volume of all non-alchemy T2 intermediate materials (everything other than the “unrefined” stuff)


  • We have renovated 23 assets commonly found within missions to bring their visual quality up to our high standards. (V5++)
  • We have removed the missile showinfo 3D preview.
  • Removed unique missile geometry of each missile type and replaced it with a single geometry asset that gets scaled. (Improves client memory consumption.)
  • Planet icons will no longer render in real-time, they have been replaced with static images.
  • Upgraded Freetype SDK to version 2.6.0 (Font middleware)
  • Warp Disruption Bubbles have been updated with increased rendering fidelity, fewer texture artifact errors, reduced whiteout (overdraw), and improved performance in heavily-bubbled environments like fleet fights and camps.

Missions & NPCs:

  • Added the Arms Race and Yoiul Festival events, starting on the 5th of Dec and the 19th of Dec respectively.
  • The DED are continuing to report on increased Blood Raider and Guristas pirate activity. Capsuleers are advised to take necessary precautions.

Resource Wars:

  • Logistics pilots are now eligible for Resource Wars rewards. This also applies to logistics drone users.
  • All level 5 Critical sites have been tweaked and rebalanced
  • All pirate cruisers will now target miners more often
  • Added some new reward crates to the LP stores
  • Added some new sound effects
  • Various formatting improvements made to Show Info window for Resource Wars beacons.
  • Added text feedback to Resource Wars when attempting to open a hauler that is out of range.


  • Added combined total skill point entry to character sheet (unallocated skill points + allocated skill points)

Structures & Deployables:

  • Activating a ships self destruct sequence will now drop their tethering from an Upwell Structure.

User Interface:

  • Text edit options such as bold and italic now have a highlight when hovered
  • Changed how the Notify message appears in client. We have added a subtle entry animation and bumped up the opacity of the background a bit. We hope this will make the message a little more obvious when it occurs. 
  • Changed the probe size slider so you can now click on the size you want the probes to be and it will set the size instead of moving the size up or down incrementally.
  • Disabling the ability to pan the camera using right-click when tracking an object
  • Changed the icon used in the Update Location Settings window
  • You can now right-click bookmark icons saved at the solar system level
  • The probe and d-scan windows should now open when undocking if you docked with them open
  • Unreachable systems no longer show max integer as jumps value when hovered in the map, they now show nothing
  • Removed the "Edit/View Location" option when right-clicking on bookmarks. "Edit Location" remains
  • Tweaked the "Top View" slightly in the Probe Scanner window
  • Increased the opacity of region lines in The Agency map
  • It is now possible to drag and drop character names into the search boxes for "Deliver Items To", "Add Members" to access access list and "Find Invitees" for calendar events.
  • You can now right click on a work in a chat window to Autolink it (without having to select the entire word).
  • Contracts: It is no longer possible to suppress the popup for adding a non-empty container to a contract and selecting "No" – as this could block players from creating contracts.
  • The new Empire Selection interface is now available for newly created characters.
  • Replaced the color wheel settings button with a more intuitive cog icon.
  • Fitting Simulation: Add a filter to the Hulls & Fits section, allowing you filter out ships and fittings you don't have the skills to use.

Defect Fixes


  • Overheated modules that fail to activate due to range will no longer accumulate heat.
  • Various changes have been made to make New Eden a better place.
  • Removed the Destroyers skill book from Career Agent mission rewards, as the book is already given in the tutorial.
  • Marauders can now enter the Sansha's Nation Neural Paralytic Facility site.
  • A looting issue with the Besieged Covert Research Facility sites has been fixed.
  • A mission completion issue with the mission 'Feeding Frenzy' has been fixed.
  • Fixed the career agent mission 'Your Undivided Attention' so that it can still be completed even if the Fleeing Pirate is killed.
  • The 'Unknown Sequence' item in the new player experience can no longer be sold on the market.
  • An issue with the mission 'Cash Flow for Capsuleers 8 of 10' that could cause it to break has been fixed.
  • Fixed the mission Lost That Bet (4 of 5) so that it can be completed using only mining drones.
  • A mission completion issue with the mission: "Air Show! – Requesting a Flyby (5 of 5)" has been fixed.


  • Extraneous clouds in the mission 'Burnt Traces' have been removed due to performance issues.
  • Serpentis 'Harvester' and 'Gatherer' NPCs now use the correct graphic models.
  • Modified atmosphere audio range of the warp disruption bubbles.
  • Reduced range of the Caldari Cruiser Onyx ambient sound.
  • Corrected an inverted decal on the Upwell Citadel Fortizar structure.
  • Fixed crew windows placement at the front of Gallente Industrial hulls.
  • Adjusted the default turret layout for the Minmatar Frigate Rifter hull and variants.
  • Repositioned the location of certain materials on the Minmatar Frigate Wolf hull.
  • Altered one of the textures used on the Angel Battleship Machariel hull.
  • Shifted the location of the boosters on the Caldari Frigate Harpy hull.
  • Reoriented Standup Point Defense Batteries to fire from structure geometry.
  • Changed the Amarr Force Auxiliary Apostle hull so the lights are fully hidden when the door closes during warp.
  • Updated the booster textures on the Amarr Battleship Abaddon hull.
  • Enabled ship ambience sound to be present when logging in to a ship in space.
  • Repaired broken elements of the wormhole effect as well as updating it to make the destination system more easily readable from greater distance.
  • Updated textures and connected dynamic brightness variance and outer filament animation to the age of wormholes. Also made wormhole collapse more graceful.

Miscellaneous :

  • The 500MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint now has the correct name.
  • 18 'Holiday Trinkets' added to the game as the Yoiul Festival approaches.
  • Project Discovery Phase One Monument has been constructed and placed in a suitable location.
  • Various items to mark Project Discovery Phase One added to the game.
  • Selection of empires themed apparel added

Resource Wars:

  • Fixed an issue where minimizing the 'Incoming Transmission' window could break it.
  • Fixed overlapping text in the Resource Wars rewards crate splash screen.
  • Fixed overlapping text on minimum sized Resource Wars 'Incoming Transmission' windows.
  • Fixed the Resource Wars rewards window collapsing into an empty window.
  • Rearranged the contents of Resource Wars crate tooltips so that the order makes more sense.
  • Removed penalty warning pop-up incorrectly displayed when engaging logistics drones on friendly NPCs.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Fixed a very rare case where a destroyed structure would not generate asset safety.

Text & Descriptions:

  • Corrected the Moon Probing help text to refer to Refineries instead of Starbases.
  • Adding reference to the Standup Supercapital Shipyards ability to manufacture Capital ships to its description.
  • Calendar: Fixed an issue where the Personal, Corp and Alliance buttons in the New Event window would slightly overlap with the border of the window.
  • Various spelling grammar and punctuation fixes.

User Interface:

  • Fixed some inconsistent capitalization in the chat invite window
  • Fixed an issue where some character selection screen elements were missing UI sounds
  • Fixed an issue where the map browser could open after opening and closing the Settings menu
  • Fixed an issue where the first-person camera graphic would not reload after jumping through a gate or wormhole
  • Fixed an issue where the Deactivated Station Key Pass Blueprint would not display an icon in the training queue when training Industry to 5
  • Fixed an issue where the first-person camera location would not reset when changing camera modes
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to drag overview columns out of a windowed client making it hard to get them back to a reasonable size
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to move a pinned window if it was stacked with an unpinned window.
  • Fixed and issue where holding a movement shortcut (Orbit or Keep at Range) and spamming click on a bracket would end up activating the approach command instead of the movement shortcut command.
  • Fixed an issue when switching the tactical camera where it would not reset zoom level in an appropriate manner
  • Fixed an issue where the d-scan cone representation at smaller ranges and angles would not look good
  • Fixed an issue where the tactical overlay could open upside down in the solar system map
  • Fixed an issue where Industry jobs in the last 24 hours would not show the correct label on French clients in the new and old map
  • Fixed an issue where a blank map could appear after resizing a windowed client
  • Fixed an issue where the filters in the probe scanner could reset after restarting the client
  • Fixed an issue where dropdowns in the settings menu could cause some text to disappear in the settings menu
  • Centered the icon for first person camera on the ship HUD
  • Fixed an issue where Tech 3 subsystems were missing their slot size icon
  • Fixed an issue where the probe size slider would not move when using the custom probe formation option
  • Fixed an issue where docking with a full screen mode like Ship Tree open could cause the camera to be unresponsive in the hangar
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible with some planets or moons to have the look at camera focus on the wrong point in space
  • Fixed an issue where the probes when holding CTRL would have the arrows pointing in the wrong direction
  • Fixed an issue where the "Overwrite Filter" pop-up message would not display when trying to save changes to a custom filter in the Probe Scanner window
  • Fixed an issue where Agents that should not have appeared in the Standings tab of the Character Sheet were visible and could break the Standings tab
  • Fixed an issue where using the track camera on an off-grid Structure would have a massive performance impact on the client
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to make the dotted region lines disappear in The Agency map
  • Fixed an issue where undocking with The Agency open and an expanded card visible would close the expanded card and need a refresh for the window to function properly again
  • Fixed an issue where the new map would center on the current system after every jump
  • Fixed an issue where the hamburger menu in window title bars was not centered
  • Fixed an issue where the appropriate sound was not played when removing skills from queue via the requirements tab of a show info window
  • Fixed an issue where the sorting in the icon column of the Directional Scan window would not take effect until pressing the scan window
  • Fixed an issue where the Omega icon was not showing on skill books that were Omega only
  • Fixed an issue where the Planetary Interaction camera can become detached
  • Fixed an issue where the Remove button in the Create New Advert window was not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue where combat probes and core probes would give equivalent scan results despite have drastically different strengths
  • Fixed an issue where marquee select would not work properly with UI Scaling set to anything except 100%
  • Fixed an issue where the range on bookmarks in the new map was not correct
  • Fixed an issue where structures would not always appear correctly in the map
  • Fixed an issue where the standings bar in the character sheet could present incorrect information
  • Fixed an issue where the Standings panel in the Character Sheet would not update if it was open when the standings change happened
  • Fixed an issue with some overlapping buttons in the Votes window
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some windows to appear above the top of the window and force a settings reset to resolve
  • Fixed an issue where adding skills to the queue from the clipboard could provide unclear reasons as to why a skill could not be added
  • Fixed an issue where the Event expanded card in The Agency did not have an x to close it
  • Fixed an issue where hovering a system in the map could leave the details obscured by the mouse pointer
  • Fixed an issue where the directional scanner would appear to scan while in the range of a mobile scan inhibitor
  • Fixed an issue where previous standings values in the Character Sheet would appear to change after a new standing change.
  • Fixed an issue where the capacitor could fail to display or stop updating
  • Improved the rounding of attributes in the fitting screen, especially for resistances.
  • When filtering the Simulation Window for available Ship Resources, fitting/unfitting modules will now update the list of valid modules correctly.
  • The "Hulls & Fits" list in the fitting window will no longer jump to the top whenever adding or removing a fitting.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging multiple corporation contacts onto a label would fail to apply the label correctly.
  • A display issue with the Drifter booster descriptions has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Mining Ledger showed extreme prices for mission ores has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when registering amounts of ore mined that in some cases was causing The Agency to count more ore than actually mined and showing incorrect quantities in log messages. Also changed timing when mining log messages are displayed for mining drones, from the moment they finish mining to the actual moment their ore is deposited to your ship.
  • Fixed loyalty point store tooltip placement so that it tries its best to not show off screen.



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