Disclaimer: The author is a line member of one of the alliances involved yet the views expressed here are not necessarily those of EN24, his corporation, alliance, or coalition.

Your humble narrator took some real-world time last month. Filling time in this the tenuous peace under threat by increasing incursions from the south while prepping some fresh capitals, and hopping in some home defense roams.   Yet we can always look forward to the idiosyncratic style of the self-proclaimed “Notorious Ceptor Roams” led by Dark. FC Night Lancer, who, I took aside on discord after yet another isk and fun-per-hour positive roam into the heart of Goon space, (which I hadn’t visited since dunking rorquals awhile back), once again featuring hilariously OP counters. And yes, it’s recorded:


That Yossarian –  So how does it feel having become a Darkness FC?

Night Lancer – I’ve been an FC for a while now, but I’m still learning.

That Yossarian Remember when we had to take wormholes to reach goon staging?

Night Lancer – Can you jog my memory we have taken soo many trips to goonspace.

That Yossarian They do sort of blur together….So, your ceptor roams are getting pretty decent numbers. What’s your secret?

Night Lancer – give them kills and they will come.

Yossarian Yassavi I recall you used to have a thing for thrashers. Why did you abandon the “t1 whelp for lulz” strategy?

Night Lancer – had to adapt because our main targets were either Goons or PH. We had to change tactics but I have never abandoned the thrashers they are fun little ships.

That Yossarian – There was a bit of griping when the titan bosun gatecap (see above) took out a few ships?

Night Lancer – think we lost 7, I made a call to try to jump the gate while the 2 titans was bosoning it, was my badThat YossarianWell, 40 got through…..

Night Lancer – tbf i was down to 23% structure me self. live life on the edge :pThat YossarianSo, what is your tactical analysis of Titans Bosuning Ingates vs Ceptors then?

Night Lancer – Well…. in fact next time let’s tackle the forking titans… then get on the batphone

That Yossarian –  Well…. when supers are used THAT irresponsibly, isn’t it an invitation?

Night Lancer – Every opportunity is an invitation, pew pew pew

That Yossarian Smartbombing battleships are a favorite target of yours, as readers can see towards the end of the vid, how is it they became arguably your favorite food while to most ceptor fleets they represent a quick death?

Night Lancer – I love killing them because its like giving the middle finger to the biggest threat to a ceptor fleet, although I have whelped a ceptor fleet to a titan Boson before but we learn from these… well depends how drunk I am during the roam lol

That Yossarian Speaking of loving to kill… You’re pretty vocally anti-goon in an Alliance which has little love lost towards them. Care to fill our readers in on why?

Night Lancer – they’re Goons what else is there to say?

 Tinfoil Hat Time?

What else is there to say indeed? This is an interview, not a manifesto. However, as a pilot whose eve online PVP debut in handout merlins came about during the apex of this rivalry,  World War Bee, this narrator has gathered that the leading elements do indeed have long memories and have a penchant for preferring their vengeance cold.

I’ve flown with many ex-Goons and SMA’s. Heard a few good things, some bad. For my bit, the whole facade of respectability their “machine of state” endeavors to put out lately doesn’t disguise or atone for the sheer cancerousness and malice they consistently sell to their rank and file as virtuousness.

Call me old-fashioned maybe. A longtime mentor of mine and former CEO taught my then corp mates and I to view this game as a professional sport, that present or past opponents on the field of battle are deserving of degree of decency and respect, and that individual pilots’ conduct on the field reflects on the rest of the corp, alliance & coalition.

In other words, if your alliance actively instructs your people to behave like trash, what does that say about you?

Whether the potentially upcoming struggle is to be a clash of civilizations or a battle FOR civilization depends on your cup of tea I suppose. As they say though, never say never. We welcome any representative of the opposition to interview with us if the content proves worthy, because, as a fellow coalition member’s video of a Panther + Goon Carrier kills demonstrates, we never say no to something to pew at. So, before it all ends up on our doorstep, expect more action to come.


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