Here is a neat video from youtuber Dirk Steffens showcasing what seems to be the result of endless hours of work. A close Golem fly-by. The level of detail Dirk Steffens devoted to this Golem model is out of this world. In my teen years, when I was an avid Final Fantasy 8 aficionado I couldn’t help to wonder if technology would advance so the in-game graphics would match the quality of the pre-rendered videos included in the game. I certainly hope one day we could have the opportunity to peer into our favorite ship’s cockpit, even if it was just for the curiosity of it.

Video Description:

This is the first Clip of my remodeled GOLEM Marauder from “EVE Online”. Modeling and Rendering with Lightwave3D and Octane, Texturing with 3D Coat and Postwork in After Effects.